Oakland Raiders Sign OT Khalif Barnes, AFC West Favors Silver and Black In 2009

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 16, 2009

Raider fans it is looking really, really good for the Black & Silver next season.

The O-line needed some help, and that help couldn't have come at a better time.

The Raiders now have former Jacksonville offensive tackle Khalif Barnes. Talk about an impressive lineman. The guy can stand up Albert Haynesworth.

Barnes is 6'5", weighs around 325, and has five years experience in the NFL. He is also 26, so hopefully he will earn more than the one year contract he has now.

The AFC West is in for a shock when take on the talented JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, and Justin Fargas. Tom Cable appears to have a strong voice in deciding who Oakland needs, and has done a great job thus far.

The AFC West has really been looking really weak this offseason. I remember the days when the AFC West was the AFC powerhouse. This year it appears Oakland is left alone in the running and they need to take the AFC West with a vengeance. The Oakland Raiders have been dismal these past years, well since Jon Gruden. This is the year to step back up to the plate.

   Tom Cable has great personnel this years. Thanks Al. I also have new faith in the new defensive coaching staff of Dwaine Board. In 19 seasons as a coach, he has sent 10 players to the Pro Bowl and coached one NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Granted Dwaine Board came from Seattle, I just wanrt to see a coaching staff stay in the home of the Coliseum.

There have been way to many changes in coaching and it has literally hurt the Raiders. This ends now. I really feel the curse has been lifted from Oakland.  Now if we can get the referees to do their job correctly "Brady fumble", lol. The referees are simply horrible and I cant wait til they put a chip in the footballs for accurate ball spotyting and fumble calling.

In San Diego the house is crumbling slowly. LT is no where near the athlete he once was. (Granted he is a great player) KC has a new QB in Matt Cassel, but still no RB and Casell will likely spend a lot of time on his back getting used to the KC line and the Raider pass rushing.

It appears only the Oakland Raiders have built a talented team, which makes it seem so obvious that this is going to be a great, great year for the Oakland Raiders. They have almost everything they need to be a Super Bowl team.

As far as the Denver Broncos, what can I say except that the "pain in the glute" Mike Shanahan is gone!

Shanahan understood the AFC West and with him gone I dont see a bright future for the  Denver Broncos. They are currently having a QB issue as Cutler has asked to go to another team. My worry was that Mike Shanahan would go to the Chiefs.

I would also hope that the Oakland Raiders get another defensive player and WR in the draft, and Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree appears to be the popular WR pick, with defensive tackle B.J. Raji looking like a solid choice to fill the defensive hole.

The Raiders need a real run stuffer. I have said this one thousand times. We need to do something about the consistency of huge Sands. I am sure that the new D-line coach will be working on getting him improved like Gallery or cut him. William Joseph also can get cut for all I care.

I am hoping the Oakland Raiders at least draft Raji. Either way the Oakland Raiders are looking damn good, folks. I mean awesome. I love the rookies, the play makers and the coaching staff.

The AFC West is there for the taking, and I believe the Black & Silver will take it.They have made all the right movs, they didnt get T.O. and hopefully we will get another DT. Go Oakland Raiders! Raiderusmaximus has spoken :)