Jay Cutler's Demand Creates Opportunity for the New York Jets

John HartContributor IMarch 16, 2009

After a meeting with first year coach Josh McDaniels early Saturday morning, Jay Cutler told the Denver Bronco's he wanted to be traded because of a lack of trust. After the meeting, Cutler felt that he was not the most desired quarterback of the franchise and needed to move on.

There are many teams that should keep their eyes on the situation, the big three being the Bears, Jets, and Bucs. The Bears will likely not pursue Cutler after sitting out on the Matt Cassel contest.

The Jets are an attractive choice for Cutler because its a big city with a massive football market, a new stadium is on the way, and Rex Ryan is a lovable coach with a newly revamped team.

The Jets are a team currently rising in status on both sides of the football. Scott is on of many big names that were added to the defensive depth chart. Also, Jones was the AFC leading rusher last season along with the speedy Washington. This would allow to open the field and allow Cutler more room to pass.

Another reason why Cutler may want to be a Jet is because the O-line is the same as last season, and they will only get better and build more chemistry. This will help both the running and passing game, allowing Cutler plenty of time and space to make his passes.

The Jets pose two major problems that may prevent Cutler from wanting to come to New York. First, the Jets now have an identity which is a running smash mouth team.

Like I mentioned, the one two punch of RB's Jones and Washington make this a running football team and they will be their largest threat whether or not Cutler is a Jet. This is both a positive and a negative. Cutler may not get to see as many passing attempts.

The second reason why Cutler may avoid NY is the fact they the Jets just parted ways with their No. 1 wide receiver Coles. This may give the impression that there will be a major lack of targets. Cotchery is very reliable and has the ability to be a No. 1 wide receiver, but he has yet to have that responsibility.

The Jets have younger talent at the position including Clowney, Stuckey, and Wright but it is unclear as of now how they will develop. 

It is a long shot, especially since the Jets have stood fast on their plan of developing their own franchise QB. There are options though, Ratliff showed a lot of promise in last year's preseason and Clemens never had the opportunity to develop under a legitimate offensive line.

But there is no doubt that adding a QB like Cutler could launch the Jets into possible Super Bowl conversations.