7 NFL Players Who Could Run for President

Anthony Fusilli@@AnthonyFusilliContributor IIINovember 6, 2012

7 NFL Players Who Could Run for President

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    With Election Day finally here, I am going to look at seven current NFL players who I could see running for president.

    A lot of players in the league have a ton of charisma and are full of potential. While the most likely options are quarterbacks with their leadership on the field, there are other positions that should gain some notice as well.

    Here are the players I could see running Washington one day.  

Honorable Mentions

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    Patrick Willis:  The leader of the 49ers' stout defense would be a Ray Lewis-esque clone.

    Brian Urlacher:  Another middle linebacker who has shown stability and the ability to lead a unit.

    Aaron Rodgers:  Has the charisma and personality people look for.

    Eli Manning:  Has the quiet leadership abilities and the dumbfounded look that many a president has had.

    Adrian Peterson:  Has shown the ability to come back from devastation and has a great background story.

Peyton Manning

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    Peyton Manning is one the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He is also one of the greatest leaders ever as well.

    Not many command the respect of their peers on the field like Manning does. Not many command the respect of Manning off the field either.

    Manning calls the shots on the field and he would be great at calling the shots for the country. 

    He says the right things, is always upbeat and provides results. That's the kind of man I want running the land of the free!

Robert Griffin III

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    You knew this was coming, right? 

    RG3 is already the leader of one organization in Washington; why not make him the head of the country?

    He is easily one of the more marketable players in the game today. He has a great personality, great people skills and is a great leader on the field.

    He could definitely use these skills to run for office.

    So, during this current election, why not scribble in Robert Griffin III to be your next president? He's a man of the people.

Tim Tebow

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    If you thought "Tebow Mania" reached its high last season, imagine if he ran for president.

    Tebow already dominates all the sports highlights (even though he plays fewer than 15 snaps a game).  If he ran for president he would be plastered everywhere.

    Chants of "Teeeebooooww, Teeeeboowwwww" would run rampant through our nation. He is the ultimate people person. He says all the right things, gives great speeches and he will be really excited to run the country (Tebow's introductory news conference).

    All he does is run for the Jets—so he might as well run for president. 

Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is the poster boy of the NFL and the face of the New England Patriots. He could very well be the face of this very great nation we live in as well.

    Brady has the charisma to back himself up.

    He has a model for a wife. He has three Super Bowls. He has two MVPs and two more Super Bowl MVPs under his belt.

    Why not a presidential campaign as well?

    Brady is the unquestioned leader for the Patriots and has the leadership qualities that could turn America around. Sure, he has his haters (like me), but hey—what president doesn't?

Ray Lewis

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    Ray Lewis is one of the most inspirational people in football. He is the leader of the Baltimore Ravens defense and could be the next leader of this country. 

    He has the determination and fire to get things done, as well as an approach not seen by many other candidates before. 

    He will rally all the troops into battle and will lead the battle cry himself.

    Lewis has all the necessary tools that would make him a great president. Shoot, many other world leaders might even fear him as well and do what he wants. 

    The only thing that would hold him back, and would hold anyone back, is his past history with the law. We all know he had the charges dropped, but the notion he was involved could come back to haunt him.

    I mean, he's probably out for the season, so why not spend his time running for office?

Andrew Luck

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    What can't Andrew Luck do? 

    He has taken a miserable 2-14 Colts team and single-handedly turned the franchise around. The Colts are 5-3 coming into the halfway mark of the season and this rests on the shoulders of Mr. Luck.

    Speaking of Luck, Colts GM Ryan Grigson had tons of luck having Andrew fall into his lap. While the team deservedly earned their No. 1 pick by having a horrible season, having Luck wait another year to enter the draft really worked out well for them.

    Luck has shown that a rookie can do the job and be a solid leader, which could translate into a run for the presidency.

    He has captivated the fans of Indianapolis and has earned the respect of his peers. If he ran for office, I'm sure he could use his young, boyish charm to captivate the nation as well.  

Drew Brees

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    Drew Brees helped lead New Orleans back to normalcy after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

    He could help lead America back to normalcy as well.

    Brees has the charisma, the confidence and leadership qualities that would make him an ideal candidate for president.

    He knows how to speak in public and would fight for the rights of the people—just like he has for the players union

    He's a man of the people and a guy that I know I would vote for.