Building an NFL Trade Deadline Wish List for the Houston Texans

Matt Goldstein@mattgoldstein5Contributor IIOctober 23, 2012

Building an NFL Trade Deadline Wish List for the Houston Texans

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    After the Houston Texans completely dominated the elite Baltimore Ravens in a pivotal matchup, it's hard to imagine that the Texans have much flaws that need correcting.

    Well, they do, and if these flaws are corrected, the Texans can become a truly unstoppable force in the NFL.

    First off, at wide receiver, the Texans lack a consistent No. 3 receiving threat. Keshawn Martin and Lestar Jean both have their exciting moments, but neither has yet to consistently contribute to the offense.

    Also, if the Texans were to acquire a vertical threat, opposing safeties would be forced to back, which would open the Texans' terrific running game.

    Then, at inside linebacker, the Texans are weaker than a 13-year-old boy who believes that he is incredibly strong after he works out for the first time.

    After the loss of Brian Cushing to a torn ACL, a powerful presence in the middle of the field for the Texans would be an encouraging sight.

    Finally, the last area of the team that must be improved is special teams coverage. Opposing kick and punt returners have run all over the Texans' special teams' units, giving their offenses excellent field position.

    If the Texans can improve these three areas of their team, they will be an even more scary team come playoff time. Here is my wish list for the Texans before the NFL trade deadline.

Wide Receiver

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    A deep, vertical receiving threat would make the Texans' offense absolutely deadly. 

    Right now, aside from an aging Andre Johnson, the Texans do not have a receiver who can continuously stretch the field. Opposing defensive coordinators have recognized that, and they have been game-planning accordingly.

    Opposing safeties had been creeping up, which makes it much more difficult for the Texans to run the ball. Since being able to consistently pound the ball is the cornerstone of the Texans' offense, this is a major problem.

    A receiver can stretch the field would completely erase this problem. Fortunately, there are several receivers who might be on the trading market who can do just that.

    Two receivers that the Texans can realistically make a deal for are Devery Henderson of the New Orleans Saints and Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks. Both receivers have a reputation of being deep threats, and they would immediately improve the Texans' offense.

    Other big name receivers on the market include Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings and Dwayne Bowe. 

    Although this is a article is meant to be a "wish list", trades for these receivers would be highly unlikely to take place due to salary cap limitations.

    Regardless, the Texans should definitely try and make a deal for a vertical threat.

Inside Linebacker

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    The one position that can be classified as weak on the Texans' Bulls on Parade defense is at inside linebacker.

    The position was weak before Brian Cushing was injured, and with Darryl Sharpton still unable to play, the Texans lack any quality depth in the middle of their defense.

    An injury to Bradie James would be devastating, and if that horrible situation were to ever take place, then the Texans' two starters at inside linebacker would be Tim Dobbins and Mister Alexander.

    Not good.

    However, there is value on the market for inside linebackers, and by simply shipping away a few draft picks, the Texans could obtain significant value.

    A great option would be Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs will likely be heading into full scale rebuilding this offseason if they continue to play as miserably as they have been, and draft picks are holy objects in the eyes of rebuilding teams.

    Belcher is a good linebacker who has posted solid numbers in his NFL career, despite the fact that he went undrafted in the 2009 NFL Draft.

    The Texans should target players like Belch who hail from teams who have no shot of making the playoffs. Draft picks are much more valuable to these teams, and the Texans would be able to obtain great value for cheap prices.

    The Texans need help at inside linebacker, and they can certainly get that before the NFL trade deadline.

Special Teams

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    The Texans have been absolutely miserable on special teams. When opposing returners get the ball in their hands, Texans' defenders seem to be nowhere near them.

    It seems that they are almost always able to pick up huge chunks of yardage, placing their offense in excellent field position.

    That needs to stop. Soon.

    The Texans can potentially ease this issue by trading for a special teams specialist like Bryan Braman. These type of players can make a huge difference on special teams, and the Texans would be wise into looking to pick one or two of them up.

    Some of the potential names who lead the league in special teams tackles include Heath Farwell of the Seahawks, Johnson Bademosi of the Browns and Lorenzo Alexander of the Redskins.

    Why not look into making a deal for one of them?