1. Greg Jennings, Rishard Matthews and Jarvis Landry start the game. Matthews catches the first pass on a tipped ball for 48-yards.

  2. Greg Jennings -- drop.

  3. Greg Jennings with a bad drop, kills the drive

  4. Greg Jennings gotta catch that ball. T'hill threw a bullet and it was on target. That hurts

  5. Greg Jennings with a drop. Perfect pass by Tannehill. Dolphins line up of a 48 yarder.

  6. Greg Jennings drops a ball right in his hands and kills the drive.

  7. Bad break for #Jaguars on 48-yd Matthews catch, tipped by Sergio Brown, good break on Greg Jennings drop killing drive. Miami FG, now 7-3

  8. Tannehill overthrew Greg Jennings. Wide open.

  9. Happy Birthday, @GregJennings! #StrongerTogether http://t.co/FKot85uhy1

  10. This drop from Greg Jennings killed a drive, prevented a 3rd down… https://t.co/wkDr16ib3d

  11. What I found interesting is that Ryan Tannehill threw to Greg Jennings 4 times on 3rd down and the team's veteran receiver didn't covert one

  12. Updated Dolphins depth chart. Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings remain ahead of Rishard Matthews. http://t.co/DUU8bnast6

  13. Very easy proposition for DeVante Parker to be on the field. Out work Greg Jennings at practice. Nothing holding him back but the injury

  14. Greg Jennings drops a third down pass that would have been short. and Jamil Douglas let his Buffalo defender get into Ryan Tannehill's face.

  15. Three 'n out for Miami. One Hughes knockdown at the line, one drop by Greg Jennings. #Bills take over at the 23.

  16. Greg Jennings just dropped a second pass. BLANK STARE!

  17. #Dolphins make it official on depth chart: Rishard Matthews = starter ahead of Kenny Stills. Greg Jennings still starter over DeVante Parker

  18. Ryan Tannehill can't get enough of Greg Jennings at #Dolphins fan rally in London http://t.co/w77UlYT75R

  19. Great play by Tannehill on that 3rd down attempt. Avoids sack, rolls, finds Greg Jennings. Bad spot on play. Philbin challenges

  20. Greg Jennings draws a flag in the end zone

  21. Jarvis Landry, Rishard Matthews and Greg Jennings have each dropped three passes. The league high for receivers on drops so far is 5.

  22. #Dolphins WR Greg Jennings said he had no idea lockers would be switched. "I was just hoping I still had a locker," Jennings said w/a smile.

  23. Found one player who seemed legit disappointed Philbin is gone: Greg Jennings. Philbin was a big part of reason Jennings came to Miami.

  24. Jamil Douglas and Dallas Thomas still listed as #Dolphins guards. Greg Jennings still listed as starting WR over DeVante Parker.

  25. Al Saunders talking shop with Kenny Stills & Greg Jennings http://t.co/u4mQLEmyUX

  26. Stills will start for Greg Jennings; Billy Turner for Jamil Douglas

  27. WR Kenny Still starts for Greg Jennings, RG Billy Turner starts for Jamil Douglas #Dolphins

  28. #Dolphins lineup changes: Bill Turner will start at RG in place of Jamil Douglas. Kenny Stills will start at WR in place of Greg Jennings

  29. #Dolphins WR Kenny Stills also will start and replace WR Greg Jennings.

  30. Cameron Wake up, Greg Jennings down in Dolphins' win http://t.co/7Fk9bHPkPO

  31. Cameron Wake up, Greg Jennings down in #Dolphins' win http://t.co/jvdtHo9M0O"-Check out my latest post on Miami.

  32. Cameron Wake up, Greg Jennings down in #Dolphins' win http://t.co/jvdtHo9M0O"-Check out whose stock is rising and falling in Miami.

  33. T'hill going for Greg Jennings...throw pick 6 to Rolando McClain. Yikes.

  34. Rolando McClain jumped in front of a pass intended for Greg Jennings and returned it for a touchdown. Cowboys lead 7-0.

  35. Greg Jennings with the start.

  36. Greg Jennings got the start with Rishard Matthews and Kenny Stills.

  37. #Dolphins WR snaps: Jarvis Landry 97%, Rishard Matthews 94%, Kenny Stills 55%, Greg Jennings 3%