Thomas Robinson Video: Watch Kings PF's Nasty Putback Jam over Dwight Howard

Brandon Galvin@bgny3Featured ColumnistOctober 22, 2012

Superman, Iron Man, whatever Dwight Howard is calling himself nowadays...he better shape up or the boo birds in Los Angeles will let him have it quickly.

Kings rookie Thomas Robinson put a hurting on D12 in the Lakers' big man's preseason debut. 

Diehard fans will likely shrug this off while some pundits may say that Howard is simply getting his groove back after missing so much time due to a back injury.


This could turn into a terrible trend for the most dominant defensive force in the game. This is more than just jitters or attempting to work his way back on to the court. This is basic basketball—fundamentals 101 for crying out loud. This is what they teach you when you first start playing ball: box out!

By no means should D12 be getting posterized at this stage in his career, especially when he's making his debut with the Lakers. He should be energized and looking to do the posterizing. His team has championship hopes, and they can't afford a distracted or disoriented center.

He posted a major line (19 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks), but it's being overshadowed by this new T-Rob poster. 

Howard must show he's ready to improve his game and not fall into any bad habits by relying on Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash or Pau Gasol to shoulder the load.

Howard must turn into a leader on this squad and getting posterized on put-back jams by rookies will only have people looking at him with a crooked eye.

For T-Rob and Kings fans, enjoy this ride and get used to it. Robinson has dynamic playmaking abilities and is easily one of the more explosive players to enter the league in recent years. The Kings need a rim-rocker to change the franchise's fortune just like Blake Griffin did for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he can certainly be that man.

Robinson made D12 look as doofy as Big Bird during this highlight clip that will be talked about for the next week in Laker Land, if Iron Man doesn't shape up and start putting a hurting on foes in the pain.

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