Tim Tebow: Popular Backup QB's Future Takeover of Offense Has Become Inevitable

Steven Cook@@stevencookinFeatured Columnist IVOctober 7, 2012

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 23:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jest prepares to play the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Through the New York Jets' early-season woes, it's become obvious that Tim Tebow will have his chance to become the starter of Rex Ryan's squad sometime this season.

It's a matter of "when," not "if."

Even though the Jets looked good in Week 1 and seemed to have their offense in order, it has shut down in recent weeks and they've now sputtered to a 2-2 record. 

Obviously, much of the blame has been put on starting QB Mark Sanchez, who has been as inept as his fellow offensive teammates.

The statistics back it up, as Sanchez has only put up 203 passing yards per contest, which is good for 27th in the league.

The Jets as a team come in at 22nd in points per game and 27th in yards per game with 20.2 and 284, respectively; not the type of offensive production that Shonn Greene, Santonio Holmes and company were hoping for. 

This isn't the type of team that we'd expect to bounce back from early adversity like this, and it's obvious that they need a "shot in the arm," so to speak. And I don't think there's a bigger "shot in the arm" than Tebow right now with the attention that surrounds him.

If there's one team that can handle some extra attention around, it's the New York Jets. They don't seem to be fazed by Tebow's presence, and it's time to unleash the beast and see if he can pull together a sputtering team like he did last year in Denver and make the playoffs. 

It's unclear if he'll be able to do so in New York, and the last thing I'm implying is that he'll get it done. But if New York's offense continues down this path, it's apparent that they'll pull the trigger sooner rather than later.


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