Instant Impact: San Francisco 49ers 34, New York Jets 0

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There's a running gag in the Star Wars universe about a quote that runs throughout the entire series.  

Characters from Anakin Skywalker to Han Solo have uttered the phrase "I have a bad feeling about this" or some variation in all six episodes of the film. 

Nobody would have been surprised to find Obi-Wan Kenobi standing in the tunnel saying that same line as the Jets were running out to take the field against the 49ers for their Week 4 showdown at MetLife Stadium.

The 49ers would certainly be angry after an embarrassing loss to the Vikings last week and the Jets were without their best player in Darrelle Revis.  On top of things, Dustin Keller was surprisingly ruled out for the game after working out for team doctors on Sunday morning.

What resulted was a pathetic display of uninspired football that nobody has seen here during the Rex Ryan era.  

The defense didn't tackle from the start, there aren't enough synonyms for "disgusting" to describe the offense and the team played careless football from start to finish.  

As a Jets fan, I have to think my current feelings are the same ones felt by Han Solo as the walls closed in on him and the boys when they were stuck in the trash compactor in Star Wars.  I have a bad feeling about this, indeed. 


Champ of the Game: Nick Folk

Folk kicked the opening kickoff five yards deep into the end zone and then might as well have spent the rest of the game up in section 326 with the rest of the 49ers fans that bought tickets on Stubhub from beleaguered Jets fans. 

Folk was about the only person I could find who didn't do something wrong today.  

Chump of the Game: Mark Sanchez

This was a total team disgrace to be certain, but it was Sanchez's play that really submarined the effort. This was a good game for the entire first half, as the 49ers had just a 10-0 halftime lead.  Sanchez was given the ball at midfield twice and if he could have even willed the offense to a field goal, things could have been different.

However, Sanchez played scared at first and then apathetically as the game went on.  He was careless with the ball on a critical fumble in the first half and totally blew what looked to be a well-designed screen pass right into the hands of an onrushing Patrick Willis for an interception.

Just an overall mess of a performance.


Defensive Star: Yeremiah Bell

Along with LaRon Landry, Bell did a fine job keeping Vernon Davis quiet.  The Pro Bowl tight end caught just two passes for 28 yards, and while the game was close, Alex Smith barely targeted him.  It appeared that much of the coverage responsibilities fell to Bell, so kudos there.

Bell and Landry were brought in largely because the Jets have had so much trouble covering tight ends. That hasn't been the case this year.  Bell also added five tackles on the day.


Offensive Star: Chaz Schilens

Not that Schilens did anything impressive, but upon first look it didn't appear that he was at the forefront of this debacle.  Schilens was the offense's top gainer with 45 yards and had the team's biggest play with a 22-yard reception.  With Santonio Holmes likely out, it looks like Schilens might actually be the team's No. 1 receiver going forward.  Yikes.


Special Teams Star: Robert Malone

If Malone's contract pays him by the punt, he may just end up being a rich man.  Malone had seven punts on the day and the only thing that kept him from having more were the Jets turnovers.  Malone pinned the 49ers deep twice early, putting punts at the 8- and 11-yard lines.  He also rescued the Jets with a 54-yard punt out of his own end zone.

Not every one of his punts was great, but he continues to do a very good job.


Key Injuries:

Santonio Holmes injured his foot and was in a boot with crutches after the game.  He has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow.

John Connor has joined the plague of Jets with injured hamstrings.  

Dedrick Epps hyper-extended his knee on his first career catch in the first quarter.  


Turning Point of the Game

On the first play of the fourth quarter Sanchez hooked up with Holmes for a four-yard reception.  While trying to make a cut, Holmes injured his foot and threw the ball to the ground in pain.  Carlos Rogers picked it up and waltzed into the end zone to make it 24-0.  

While the Jets weren't likely to come back from a 17-0 deficit anyway, this play demoralized the team from even trying to.  Holmes' injury took any effectiveness out of the offensive and left a sick feeling in everyone's stomach as it first appeared he suffered a devastating knee injury.


The Rookie Report

Quinton Coples made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, so at least there's that.  He finished with two solo tackles.

Demario Davis had a nice tackle to break up what looked to be a promising 49ers punt return.


Best Coaching Move 

The Jets' game plan from the start was actually a smart one, so at least credit them with that.  The execution may have fallen apart, but they seemed to be doing the right thing.  

The Jets tried to use the same game plan the Vikings used in beating the 49ers last week, which was short runs and passes in an effort to control the game.  However, the Vikings didn't make four turnovers while executing their plan.


NFL Personality Tweet of the Game: Carl Banks

 If Jets don't have Holmes who do u pick up Burress,Ocho,Owens? Or none of the Above?


Joe Namath's Tweet of the Game

 I wish I had something positive to say about the game. Anything! It's an awful loss for the team and the fans. Awful!

Great Quote From the Booth 

"If you're not going to use Tim Tebow down 27 points in the fourth quarter, when are you gonna use him?" —Kenny Albert, FOX play-by-play announcer.


The Refs Blew This One

For the third time in four weeks, Rex Ryan challenged a play that the booth said should be overturned only to have the officials fail to do so.  This time, it came on Dedrick Epps' reception from Tebow.  Epps caught the ball and was immediately hit in the knees from behind.  While he did get two feet down momentarily, he did not make a "football move" as is required by rule.

The call stood anyway and the Jets lost out on what would have been a nice third-down conversion.  


Mark Sanchez Instant Impact Approval Rating

Week 3: 66.7

Week 2: 72.4 

Week 1: 98.9


Did You Notice?

Today's game captains were Nick Folk, Konrad Reuland, Joe McKnight, Josh Mauga and Chaz Schilens.

Kyle Wilson was called for a pass interference on the first play of the game.  Looked like Michael Crabtree had a handful of Wilson's jersey as well though.

McKnight was on the field for the 49ers' first third down as a blitzing cornerback.

Bilal Powell was on the field for the first play from scrimmage, but it was Shonn Greene who had the first carry.

Tim Tebow threw a great block on Aldon Smith, allowing Sanchez time to complete a nine-yard pass to Schilens.  The Jets may have found a nice role for him as he threw multiple blocks to aid Sanchez.

For the third time in four weeks, Rex Ryan challenged a play unsuccessfully that the broadcast booth thought should have been overturned.  This time, referee guru Mike Pereira said that Dedrick Epps' fumble should have been overturned.

The Jets had two drives in the first half starting at midfield, each resulting in zero points.

The Jets converted just two third downs all game and only one after the team's first drive.

The 34-0 loss was the third-worst shutout loss at home in franchise history.

The 49ers scorched the Jets defense for 245 yards on the ground, exactly 100 yards more than the Jets had for their entire offensive output.

Colin Kapernick's seven-yard touchdown run was his first career touchdown.

The 49ers gained 16 first downs via running plays.

Bryan Thomas' sack was his first since 2010.

Aaron Maybin played just two plays on defense all game.  McKnight played just one snap after being inserted to blitz Alex Smith on the team's first drive.


What This Means Now

A loss to the 49ers wasn't unexpected, as they simply have much better personnel than the Jets. However, the fact that the game spiraled out of control the way it did is very discouraging.  

At the very least, even in the Jets' biggest losses under Rex Ryan, the team rarely, if ever, looked like they quit.  That appeared to be the case after the injury to Holmes.  

This team is a mess right now and what few weapons Sanchez has on offense seem to be falling by the wayside, and it's only Week 4.


Next Week

Things don't get much easier next week as the Texans come into MetLife Stadium for a Monday Night Football matchup.  This is just the fifth time the Texans have appeared on Monday Night Football in franchise history with their only MNF win coming in 2008 when they beat the Jaguars.


Look for RC Cos' Instant Impact immediately following every Jets game this year.  For even more analysis and for all Jets' breaking news, follow the B/R Jets Report on Twitter: @BR Jets_Report.


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