Will Samoa Joe and Magnus Feud Be Kicked off over Television Title

Richard Corey@@RichardCorey125Correspondent ISeptember 27, 2012

Today Impact! continues it's "Championship Thursday" premise with only one difference, there is no defending champion.

TNA's Television title has been vacated following the company's inability to re-sign former champion Devon after negotiations failed. To address this, Hogan will have four men vie for the championship:  Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garett Bischoff, and Mr. Anderson.

As before, the men will argue their case to Hogan as to why they deserve the title shot.  But unlike before, instead of picking one challenger Hogan will pick two, leading to the night's main event.

Aside from the opportunity for the TV title being the night's focus, which is really exciting, another great thing that can come of this would be the continuation of the Magnus and Samoa Joe feud.

The men who at one point were a great tag team, have recently come to odds following a very competitive Bound For Glory match. The two, mostly Magnus, have been attacking each other since, so having their battles be over the Television title seems to be the most fitting way of continuing the feud.

If their time as World Tag Team Champions proved anything it's that these men know how to work the ring and the mic. They have incredible chemistry and if TNA decides to go this route, I'm sure they will see great returns in fan appreciation.

Not to offend any Devon fans, but as over as he was, he was never the most spectacular performer. His move set as a brawler could be very intimidating, but the flash necessary to pull in fans on a weekly basis (which the TV champ is supposed to do) just wasn't there.

Also, the TV title would better serve as a gateway belt for newer up-and-coming wrestlers. That being the case, I look for Magnus to get the strap tonight. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving talent, plus it'd be a good way to reward a guy who's been busting his butt for the company for a long time.

Magnus has the charisma, the look as well as the in-ring style to finally re-legitimize the title in this new era of TNA wrestling.

For his part, Joe would prove to be a great champion also. Following the BFG series, he's become a bigger name than Magnus, so having Joe hold the belt would be a huge boon for the title and those fighting for it. Unfortunately for Joe fans however, he is a proven main event wrestler at this point, so I don't see him "stepping down" for the lesser belt.

Either way, if TNA decides to go with this match up, prepare for a war. This has been a feud a long time in the making and I'm sure both men will deliver.

Or TNA could decide to put the belt on Garett Bischoff.

In which case, expect a very surly and drunken rant from me come tomorrow.