The Top 10 B/R Communities You Don't Want to Offend

Travis MillerAnalyst IMarch 6, 2009

Let's face it. Some communities here on Bleacher Report are a little deeper than others.

Some are very knowledgeable. Some overwhelm authors with their vast numbers. Others pester writers with inane arguments.

They aren't hard to find. Check any top 10 list or controversial topic. They leave their mark, then spend the next 15 hours refreshing the page waiting for the next response to their comment to roll in.

It's not a bad thing (most of the time). It's great for the site, and great for everyone involved to engage in the discussion to broaden their sports horizons.

For one reason or another, here are the top B/R communities you don't want to be on the opposite side of when it comes to debate.


Honorable Mention: Quarterbacks

Insult a fan's quarterback, prepare for hell on a keyboard. David Arreola and Angel Navedo can tell you all about it. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett, it's March, and I still have nightmares about going to the B/R home page and seeing four Brett Favre articles featured.

"Quarterback" isn't exactly a community, but I bet even Dan Orlovsky has had people come to his defense on B/R.


10) Memphis men's basketball: 64 members

I'd be lying if I said the last few Memphis debates I've stumbled across weren't the inspiration for this article.

The deadly infractions include submissions suggesting Memphis doesn't deserve its high ranking, wouldn't perform as well in a more competitive conference, and should, indeed, switch conferences.

Tigers fans are so irritable, Jameson Fleming's name surfaced on a non-affiliated message board just because he predicted they might lose a game!

They're a small but feisty community. You don't want to offend them...or suggest their team could, in fact, lose. Ten B/R accounts will be created just for the sole purpose of destroying your sister's good name.

MEMPHIS TIGERS, 2009 NCAA CHAMPS! Don't hurt me.

Despite my criticism, I must give credit to Leroy Watson, who leads the way and gives Tigers fans a great name.


9) Notre Dame men's basketball: 83 members

The football community would have made the list a few years ago, but they're so demoralized, they've severed all Internet capabilities and have gouged their eyes out so they aren't tempted to read a newspaper or magazine.

Sulking in self-pity and booze, they then (collectively, of course) stumbled into Notre Dame Stadium, sat as close to the speakers as possible, and listened to the fight song at full volume until their hearing was blasted to hell along with their hope for a BCS bid within the next 40 years.

My point being, it's impossible to offend Notre Dame football fans, no matter how bad their team is.

But basketball fans, on the other hand...piece of cake. Just be careful. Their feelings are very tender, and they bite hard. Real hard.

Luke Harangody's National Player of the Year chances are about as good as the Irish's NCAA hopes. In what was supposed to be a magical season, Mike Brey and the boys are going to limp into the NIT just a few games over .500.

Anyone who points that out is doomed to hear about it from ND fans. What do they contend? I can't quite tell you. It sure isn't a cogent argument, yet they still let their presence be known.

Hey, at least you're not DePaul.

Really though, I wish the best for Harangody. I hope he gets a nice, fat contract when he goes he can pay someone to cut his hair for him.


8) Los Angeles Lakers: 665 members

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. I thought they would make it higher on the list, but the deciding factor was when I looked back at Lisa Horne's (what's a B/R article without mentioning the legend) Diary of a Lakers Fan's Wife and saw nobody took her on!

If I were a Lakers fan, I'd be livid about being portrayed that way.

There's always something to talk about when you're a Lakers fan, and there's always a line of dissenters waiting to knock you off your high horse.

While we're at it, let's throw the Celtics in the same boat here at No. 8. Those two teams should be used to getting comfy together by now.


7) Dallas Cowboys: 846 members

You have to be tough to be a Cowboys fan, especially nowadays. Sure, the '90s were fun, but defending Tony Romo isn't exactly like defending Brett Favre. There isn't much success to fall back on.

James Williamson and Robert Allred lead the charge for Big D's community, which suffered one of the harshest winters of all B/R sections.

T.O. being released isn't going to help keep the eye off the 'Boys, but I'm sure these guys will be ready to defend their turf when Eagles fans inevitably come to toilet paper their houses for the 50th time in the past few months.


6) Boston Red Sox: 1,247 members

Strength in numbers, strength in bragging rights.

Not many teams can match the success of the Red Sox over the past five years...and their fans aren't afraid to let you know about it.

Like the Cowboys, Bulls, and Yankees of the '90s (I strategically left Duke off that list), the BoSox are the sexy bandwagon to be on nowadays.

One writer even offers advice as to how to jump on the bandwagon!

Don't think you can get a black eye when you're trash talking on your computer? I wouldn't test it with Beantown's finest.

Rumor has it that Rihanna, a Yankees fan, mentioned "Bill Buckner" on a message board. Chris Brown is a Sawx fan (too soon?).


5) New York Yankees: 1,221 members

Strength in numbers, strength in bragging rights. Is there an echo in here?

I'm just causing trouble by putting the Yanks and Sox next to each other, and perhaps even hinting that the fanbases suffer from the same superiority complex. At least I didn't group them together like the Lakers and Celtics, and like I'm about to do at No. 4.

Yankees fans may not be the brightest (calm down guys, I kid!), but there's always a plethora of them no matter where you go. Unfortunately for me, I'm in the great state of New York, so they're in full force here.

Don't dare question Derek Jeter. While you're at it, don't bring up 2001, 2003, or Joe Torre unless you want to hear a nauseating "TWENTY-SIX!"

Yankees fans can wiggle out of tight situations, mostly by throwing someone (A-Rod) under the bus. I wonder what would happen if it turns out Jeter was a 'roider—the earth would probably explode.


4) Ohio State football: 484 members

If the list was longer, Michigan, Penn State, and Ohio State would all be on here, but since there's limited space, I'll bunch them all into one category and call them "Ohio State."

JoePa is pretty endearing (tell me that's not a cute picture), and Michigan fans have behaved considering the slide their team is in.

That leaves you, Ohio State. You lost at USC, which is fine.

Then you lost to Penn State. I expected to stop seeing so much from you.

Then you lost to Texas. But still, you remain! You have an obnoxious coach and questionable personnel, year after year.

Give the Buckeyes' fans some credit. They don't give up. Check out this article from a week ago. It probably would have reached about 400 comments and ended with Tim Tebow breaking all of their hearts had it been posted in October or November.


3) New England Patriots: 820 members

Who is better, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

See, that's what happens when you stop winning championships. Fans still need to talk, but they need to dodge heavy topics such as Spygate, 18-1*, and just flat-out not winning.

Were we seriously supposed to feel bad when the Pats went 11-5 and missed the playoffs? I saw plenty of B/R articles contending so.

Would I ever engage in a conversation about it? Absolutely not. The New England community boasts the likes of Pete McKeown, Mike Dussault, and some fella named Sean Crowe. You might have seen his name at the top of the NFL rankings...he's been there since you were knee-high to a grasshopper.


2) Oakland Raiders: 615 members

This is where I start to be careful.

I'm not sure if any of those scary Raiders fans they show on TV know how to work computers, but given the fact that there is always a Raiders article among the most read or most commented, I'm assuming they do—and I don't want to die.

These guys get so hardcore into their team, they actually think they're in control of the draft!

If you haven't bumped into any of the Raiders writers on comment threads, consider yourself lucky. They take no prisoners—even if it's one of their own.


1) Philadelphia Eagles: 568 members

Donovan McNabb is overrated. Andy Reid deserves the pink slip. The Eagles will never win the big game.

That's how your inbox gets flooded with comment notifications.

Come on. When you saw this headline, who was the first person you thought of?

It's safe to say it. I notified him before I wrote this, and he even offered his two cents in helping out with the list.

Love him or hate him, Bryn Swartz is one of the most persistent users on this site, and if you read any of his articles, you can't deny how much time and research he put into it. He answers every comment and never backs down from a debate.

This is not to take anything away from anyone else in the Eagles community. Check out the writer rankings for the NFL. Dan Parzych, Cody Swartz, Eric Quackenbush, Bob Cunningham...the list goes on. All Eagles guys.

I've had my run-ins with them, as have many. When it rains, it pours.

If you disagree with them as No. 1, write an article trashing the Eagles and post it on any of their boards.

I dare you.

They'll be as condescending as possible while still remaining respectful. It's quite the anomaly.

Let's just remind them how cute it was to watch the Eagles get their hopes up so high as the winter progressed, only to suffer the same old fate.


Apologies to anyone who is offended because I forgot to offend their community with this list—especially the smaller communities. I'd love to learn about your sport or community so I can offend you in the future.

But just in case:

Hockey—Is that even a sport anymore?

F1—What's that, Europe's version of NASCAR?

NASCAR—I have better things to do on my Sunday afternoon. Like anything other than watch NASCAR.

Wrestling—You guys know it's fake, right?

FIFA—It's called "soccer," not "football."


And I've saved myself for last. Me? I'm the worst of all. I just mention all the greats in hopes of hanging onto their coattails to enjoy the ride. Even worse, I did it form of the ever-popular top 10 list. Pathetic.


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