You Mess With My Quarterback, You Mess With Me

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2009

The quarterback. The name itself is different from any other position. The meaning is different from any other position. The quarterback is different from any other position.

The quarterback is the most overrated...and underrated...player on the team. When his team wins, he receives credit and praise. When his team loses, he receives criticism.

Quarterbacks are always among the top of the jersey sales list. As a matter of fact, last year six of the ten most sold jerseys in the NFL were, you guessed it, quarterbacks.

So apart from being the single most important player on the field, he is equally as important off the field.

From the locker room to team meetings, the quarterback is a symbol of leadership and order.

On the flip side, he could also be a symbol of chaos and distraction.

Anyway, I come to the point of this article.

I have noticed a trend over my time here on B/R.

Fans will defend their team's quarterback to no end.

This ranges from veteran quarterbacks like Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb to younger unproven quarterbacks such as Kyle Orton and Tyler Thigpen.

Anytime the title of an article reads something along these lines: "INSERT NAME HERE is overrated." Writers gather their stat sheets and prepare for war.

The criticism of a quarterback is simply unavoidable, even Joe Montana has his doubters.

Yet, of course, the 49er fans gear up and fight to the end for Montana's legacy.

Eagles fans will write 400 comments and 50 bulletin notes to defend Donovan McNabb.

"Rational" Packers fans (I say rational because lately our fan base has say the least) will stand behind Aaron Rodgers until their fingers are sore from typing.

No matter who the quarterback is, their fanbase will always defend them.

Even Rex Grossman has Gator fans that will quickly back him up in arguments.

Brett Favre has his loyal band of followers ready to protect his legacy at the drop of a dime.

With this realization, I have come to accept that the quarterback is the most intriguing and compelling entity in all of sports.

Every argument has two very even sides. One side defending the passer, and the other...trying to knock him down in the public eye.

So, If you decide to write an article criticizing ANY quarterback, you better be ready to fight. Because his fans will come fast and they will come in large numbers.

Raiders fans will still stand by JaMarcus Russell and his ridiculous arm.

Vikings fan will stand behind Tavaris Jackson and his lightning quick speed.

Titans fans will protect whoever is starting for them next year.

Packers fans will never stop protecting Brett Favre.

Fans will always protect their quarterbacks, no matter the case.