Why Carmelo Anthony Will Be the Next NBA Star Vicitmized by Social Media

Louis SklenarikContributor IIISeptember 20, 2012

Melo seems like the next target of the social media world
Melo seems like the next target of the social media worldJeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

You know, social media is going to be so much less interesting when NBA rolls around this year.

Sure, the product is getting so much better. More people are probably watching basketball than ever before, and each team has a star they can live and die by every day of the year.

The Brooklyn Nets are moving to their new home. Dwight Howard is on the Los Angeles Lakers. Yet somehow something is missing. I think I know what it is though: Now that LeBron James has won an NBA championship, who do we put all of our pressure on?

It seems that social media is impacting the game now more than ever. Between Twitter, Facebook and blogs floating all around the Internet, everyone now has an opinion (including me).

This doesn’t even count the amazing number of newspapers that are published every single day or the magazines that are put out on a monthly or weekly basis. Now add in the number of sports shows on television every single day—and they're not just on ESPN anymore either.

This massive swarm of media is affecting not just basketball, but all sports. Over the last few years, however, it definitely seems that it has impacted nobody more than Miami Heat star LeBron James.

Nobody has been tweeted about more, whether it be about his inability to win games in clutch situations or the fact that he always finished off the NBA season without a championship ring. You could almost say that no star in any sport has been criticized more than James. Mind you, this is in a new era where social media might actually impact the way players play in games.

Well, that talk has ended now that LeBron James has an NBA championship ring on his finger.

So who do we poke fun at next?



I think we should take time out of our day now to start prodding at another superstar who doesn’t have a ring. I think it should be someone who is really good—maybe even on the same playing field of James himself.

Let's pick a great scorer who maybe isn’t all that great on the defensive side of the floor. Let's pick a guy who has the talent to score as many points as he wants per game—someone who could score at will, let's say. Maybe someone who has the potential do great things in this league, but just hasn’t been able to live up to the hype yet.

Maybe we should start picking on Carmelo Anthony

We all talk so much about "The Decision" that was made by LeBron James when he ditched the Cleveland Cavaliers to go to Miami.

So why don't we ever talk about what Melo did to get off of the Denver Nuggets? How he basically forced his way out by not playing and quitting on his team? Is that not worse than what James did to Cleveland?

Melo hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype since he was picked in the same draft class as James. Granted, he has been among the league leaders in terms of points scored pretty much every year since he was picked No. 3 overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

However, Anthony really hasn’t come close to the player a lot of people thought he would be when he won a national championship at Syracuse.

So I say we start picking on Melo. You've got to imagine that if he cannot get it done in this particular situation then he will never win in this league.



He has another star on his side in Amar'e Stoudemire. He has a decent, if not good, supporting cast on the New York Knicks. He has a decent player at every position on the floor. The Knicks also have a good bench that has a few weapons on it. He even now has a coach who preaches both the fundamentals and defense. As we saw in Miami this season, defense wins championships.

What else does Anthony need to be successful in this league? He has an entire organization committed to him and a whole city hoping that he will bring them their first championship since 1973.

It's kind of interesting when you look at Knicks history and see that they had great players but were not able to get it done. You had the Patrick Ewing years, when they couldn’t get by Michael Jordan. Then you had the one season in 1999 when they made the Finals but couldn’t get by David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

You can’t help but wonder if the future for this Knicks team will entail much of the same: a great team that is just not good enough to beat possibly one of the best teams ever assembled in the Miami Heat. It just seems to be our luck as Knicks fans.

But let's start the bashing!

Let's tweet every night about how Anthony isn’t committed to the team. Let's make Facebook statuses about how he doesn’t play defense and isn’t buying into Mike Woodson’s system! Let's listen to the radio every day to talk about how he isn’t fitting into the chemistry of the team. Let's read the newspaper article that says he needs to be traded in order for New York to get better.

Now that it's a lot harder to pick on LeBron James, who are we going to write about every day? In this day and age we need somebody to pick on, right?