NBA 2K13: Why LeBron James Deserves 99 Overall Rating in Newest Version of Game

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 13, 2012

image from NBA 2K13 Official Trailer
image from NBA 2K13 Official Trailer

LeBron James should have effectively stomped out any issues that would keep 2K Sports from maxing out his overall rating for NBA 2K13.

2K Sports is releasing overall ratings for players three at a time via Twitter. Every time they reach another 1,000 followers, they release a trio of overall ratings.

To date, these are the players that have had their overall ratings revealed, via Pasta Padre:

  • Michael Jordan 99
  • Allen Iverson 95
  • Kevin Durant 94
  • Chris Paul 94
  • Kobe Bryant 93
  • Carmelo Anthony 92
  • Derrick Rose 92
  • Rajon Rondo 90
  • Kevin Love 89
  • Andrew Bynum 87
  • Josh Smith 87
  • Steve Nash 87
  • Andre Iguodala 87
  • Pau Gasol 87
  • Blake Griffin 86
  • Monta Ellis 86
  • Amare Stoudemire 84
  • Danny Granger 84
  • Marc Gasol 83
  • Tyreke Evans 81
  • Serge Ibaka 81
  • Anthony Davis 80
  • Kemba Walker 78
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 78
  • Grant Hill 77
  • Kenneth Faried 76
  • Harrison Barnes 75
  • Evan Turner 75
  • Thomas Robinson 75
  • Jared Dudley 75
  • JaVale McGee 74
  • Dion Waiters 71
  • Austin Rivers 67
  • Kendall Marshall 65

In the final official roster update for NBA 2K12, James was given a 98 overall rating. The last update was released on June 27, per the NBA 2K Insider:

The final #NBA2K12 roster update went live this morning.All injured players are now active.

— NBA 2K Insider (@NBA2KInsider) June 27, 2012


In that final update James was rated 98 overall.

Since then James helped lead Team USA to an undefeated run at the London Olympics and again established himself as the game's best all-around player in capturing the gold medal.

Is the Olympic performance not worth another notch on his overall rating?

Remember the 99-overall rating doesn't mean you have a 99 rating in every category. The overall is weighted in certain categories specific to that player's position.

As you can see from the screenshot above, James is rated far higher than the average small forward in the NBA in every category.

He's coming off a season that saw him do special things—even by his lofty standards. Beyond leading his team to an NBA championship, he had per game averages of 27.1 points, 6.2 assists, 0.8 blocked shots and 1.9 steals.

James also shot career-highs from three-point range (36 percent) and the field overall (53 percent). For the fifth straight season, he led the NBA in PER (link defines the rating created by John Hollinger of ESPN) with a rating of 30.7. 

He won the MVP of the season and the NBA Finals.

James has been good so long, where should the increase come from? That's easy. 2K Sports needs to increase the clutch rating and the defense awareness ratings.

See the screenshot below:

Along the way to all the honors, he crushed any talk of him not being a clutch performer. In the 2012 NBA Playoffs, James put in clutch work.

His performance in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals at the Boston Celtics, and the three-pointer at the end of the Cramp Game in the NBA Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder are two examples.

I don't mean to pick on Kevin Durant, but take a look at the screenshot below. Durant has a higher clutch rating than James in the final NBA 2K12 update. Durant has proven his prowess in being clutch, but at this point so has James.

As far as the defense awareness rating is concerned, I think we all saw who deserves the edge in that category. James shined as a defender from the regular season all the way through Olympic play. Durant looked like a defensive liability at times in the NBA Finals.

A man that can effectively guard at least four positions needs to have a defense awareness rating of at least 90. In addition to that, James has clearly outperformed the clutch ratings as well.

It is only a one-point difference between the 99 and James' final NBA 2K12 rating, but this is about principle. James had an amazing year, and he has earned the cyber honor with his real life greatness.


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