The Top 10 NFL Quarterback Prospects

Doug DarrochContributor IMarch 3, 2009

The most important position on the field. A franchise without one most continually hunt for the a franchise QB until they get their guy.

While having Peyton Manning take snaps for you for 15 years or more is great, grabbing a Joey Harrington can put your franchise in bad shape for a long time. This is the position that will make or break your franchise.


1. Matt Stafford, Georgia

Stafford has a cannon for an arm but makes questionable decisions in the clutch. Will he be the next Troy Aikman or the next JaMarcus Russell?


2. Mark Sanchez, USC

Exceptional footwork, release and mechanics but he has questionable arm strength. Arm strength is the most overrated quality for QB’s but he has to prove it’s strong enough to keep defenses honest.


3. Josh Freeman, Kansas State

Another junior QB who should have stayed one more year. Freeman is almost the exact same player as Matt Stafford, great arm, questionable decision making, athletic and started 32 games in a big time conference. Both should have stayed at school for one more year to improve their game management skills.


4. Nate Davis, Ball State

Very athletic QB who looks to buy time to throw down field instead of running first. Has small hands and with small hands come fumbling problems. But Daunte Culpepper has small hands and he was great for a few years.


5. Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State

Has NFL level arm strength but has accuracy issues. Is very competitive and should be an excellent day 2 selection.


6. Pat White, West Virginia

Please let Pat White get drafted by a team with a creative offensive coordinator! Had a great Senior Bowl and combine. Could make a great wildcat/backup QB for a franchise.


7. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech

Until a “system QB” does really well in the NFL the spread QB’s will not get drafted early. Harrell has better arm strength than most system QB’s and Colt Brennan looked pretty good last year in limited duty. Both things could be good indicators for Harrell’s future.


8. David Johnson, Tulsa

10.3 YPA last year, good accuracy down field but struggles making the easy throws.


9. Tom Brandstater, Fresno State

Can do it all in the pocket but struggles making plays under pressure. Think of an old Dan Marino with two knee braces.


10. Hunter Cantwell, Louisville

Waited patiently behind Brian Brohm and was a top prospect before the season began. Had a horrible season throwing 16 interceptions with 16 TDs but he has the arm strength and size for the position so someone will give him a chance late.


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