Albert Haynesworth's Effect on the New York Giants

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IFebruary 27, 2009

Sorry folks, it has been a while since I have composed an article for the BR, with taking 19 credits, having a job, and a radio show, it has been tough to sit down and just write.

But unless you are living in a technology-free world, you now know Albert Haynesworth will be going to the nation's capital (or Landover, MD) as he inked a seven-year, $100 million contract, that includes $41 million in guaranteed money. 

Haynesworth is a behemoth of a man, tipping the scales at 320 pounds. He is an interior run-stopper, as most of us know.

The Giants will now have to play him two times a year for then next seven years.  With Brandon Jacobs just signing a four year $25 million contract it may be tough to run against the Redskins

This means that look for Ahmad Bradshaw to see a lot of carries when the Giants face the 'Skins. We have all seen Bradshaw have breakaway runs, whether it be the 88 yard touchdown run inf Buffalo, the 77 yard run against Seattle or the touchdown that was called back in the NFC title game in Green Bay.

Haynesworth will clog the holes against Big Blue which will try to use Jacobs a stretch play or Bradshaw on a toss.

This should also effect Eli Manning because it will force him to take more shots down the football field because of Haynesworth halting New York's otherwise dominant ground attack.

If the Giants don't go out and find Manning someone even within the same breathe as Plaxico Burress in athletic ability and pure dominance, playing Washington could be a challenge for years to come.


Other notes

The Giants, thus far in the first 15 hours of free agency, have stayed consistent to the Jerry Reese way, and that is not breaking the piggy bank for free agents. In the 2007 offseason, they brought on Kavika Mitchell (one year, $1 million) as the only free agent. 

This method in Reese's short but successful reign as GM has also made the Giants focus more on bargains and player development through the draft.  With an extra second and fifth round draft pick (via the Shockey trade) it will be seen what Jerry Reese will do with those picks.


This article was composed by Michael Schlossberg, a writer and New York Giants, New York Sports Community Leader for Bleacher Report. Michael also hosts a Sports Radio show at 11 am Arizona Mountain time (Same time zone as LA after the first Saturday in March, Denver time zone during the winter) which can be heard here.