Redskins Sign DeAngelo Hall to a Six-Year Deal...Why?

Vincent JacksonCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

I woke up this morning to hear that DeAngelo Hall decided to stay with the Washington Redskins to the tune of $54 million over the next six years.

Hall, picked up on waivers from Oakland, played only seven games last season and had only two interceptions for a team that failed to make the playoffs.

The question here is why.

DeAngelo Hall is not the same shutdown corner that came out of Virginia Tech in 2004, whose skills have diminished since his last days in Atlanta.

It's Hall's second big payday in the last two years.

He was guaranteed $24 million within a seven-year, $70 million contract that he signed with the Raiders a year ago, but he struggled to adjust to their man-to-man coverage scheme and was waived after just eight games.

Hall was signed before he had a chance to test the market as he was gaining interest from the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears, as well as others.

His five total interceptions (three with Oakland, two with Washington) were more than the entire Redskins secondary combined so keeping him was a priority.

I have a problem with this signing.

I understand the Redskins want to be aggressive in free agency, as do all the other teams in the league, but when is Daniel Snyder going to learn that just because you get the big name it does not magically translate into a championship?

He's trying to do what Jerry Jones did in the 1990s with completely opposite results.

He has also signed prize free-agent defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to an NFL-record $100 million contract over the next seven years.

Hall is only 25 years old, so he is in his playing prime, but he is still not the same player he once was and the challenge only gets tougher in the NFC East against more explosive passing attacks.

Daniel Snyder is once again putting his head on the line in spending almost $200 million in the first day of free agency.

Redskins fans will be happy to buy the jerseys.  Let's just hope they will also be buying Super Bowl championship t-shirts in the near future.