Could Marvin Harrison Go From One Manning to the Other?

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IFebruary 24, 2009

The great Marvin Harrison has just been released by the Indianapolis Colts.

Now that is truly shocking.

I can't understand why Marvin Harrison would not just take a pay cut and stay with his best friend. Where is the loyalty in today's football world?

Well, I'm not here to publicly insult, berate, or demoralize Marvin Harrison. I'm here to bring up the fact that Marvin Harrison could commit an affair on Peyton Manning.


Raise your hands if you think Plaxico Burress is a moron, not just for shooting himself but for the way he has treated the Giants after they got him out of Pittsburgh and into the Super Bowl?

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese has stated that the team is preparing as if Plaxico Burress will not return to the Giants. So, that means that the Giants will need a new number one receiver or a number two if Amani Toomer becomes the No. 1 guy.

So, why not pick up Marvin Harrison?

True, Marvin Harrison is not the same elite guy that could go toe-to-toe with the best of the best on his best days and that includes Jerry Rice in my opinion.

And true, he had an injury two seasons ago, but...he's still very good.

I think the Colts will suffer without him because Marvin Harrison requires double coverage very often. If you want to put a guy one on one with Marvin Harrison then I have to say you either have: an elite cornerback, a lot of guts, or you have fewer IQ points than I have letters in my name.

Harrison is still a very good receiver. He may have lost a step, but I'd trust him over Domenik Hixon. At least Harrison doesn't drop his catches in clutch situations.

The Giants were knocked out of playoffs mainly because they did not have that number one receiver they desperately needed, and that is something that has to be addressed if they plan to not be a one year wonder.

Marvin Harrison is not just a very good receiver, he is also the quietest. I have never, ever heard Marvin Harrison say anything! He is a mute when it comes to the press. He is a guy who will not cry for the ball, he is a team player.

I don't believe Marvin Harrison had anything to do with the shooting at his bar/club. Before this past year, how many times has he been in a news controversy?

I can't remember any times, so why not pick him up? Why not work with him?

I can see Harrison ending his career in New York. Maybe helping them get another championship or passing Cris Carter on the all time touchdown list.

Eli Manning needs a receiver of an elite caliber and Harrison can easily be the answer.

Will it happen? Probably not, but it is a possibility.