MLB's Anthony Gose: 5 Ways He Can Help the Toronto Blue Jays Right Now

Matthew Appleby@@applebyincContributor IIJuly 31, 2012

MLB's Anthony Gose: 5 Ways He Can Help the Toronto Blue Jays Right Now

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    Since the Blue Jays acquired Anthony Gose from the Houston Astros in 2010, there have been enormous expectations on the youngster. Just a month shy of his 22nd birthday, Gose was called up to the Blue Jays and made his Major League debut in Yankee stadium. 

    Jose Bautista's wrist injury led to Gose’s promotion, but it was also earned. He batted .292/.375/.432 in 92 games with the Las Vegas 51s of the Pacific Coast League. The Blue Jays are 4-4 in the 8 games Gose has appeared in. All stats accurate as of July 30th.

    Although Gose has struggled at the plate there are still a number of ways he can help the club right now. Here are five ways Anthony Gose will help the Blue Jays going forward.


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    Filling in for Jose Bautista is undeniably a tough task at the plate but as Blue Jays fans have come to realize, he is also rock solid in the outfield. Bautista is second in the MLB in outfield assists and can cover a lot of ground playing right field.

    Into this role steps Anthony Gose and it appears as though he can hold his own. He has yet to commit an error and has not looked fragile manning the outfield. Gose also led his team with eight assists in Triple-A.

    With Bautista out, manager John Farrell has had to use some creative lineups, such as last Saturday against Detroit when Colby Rasmus was the designated hitter. This put a hole in centre field, which Farrell filled with Gose. Clearly he has the same defensive confidence in Gose that I do.

Trade Value

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    Calling up Anthony Gose not only helped the Blue Jays fill a roster spot but also came at a perfect time in the season. Right before the trade deadline the Blue Jays got to showcase their young talent.

    You might think, “That’s fine but clearly it backfired.” But hold on. He’s not even 22 years old and managers understand what that means. Had Gose come up and batted .300, his trade value would have been through the roof and General Manager Alex Anthopolous could have made a move if he felt it was necessary.

    Clearly that did not happen but not all is lost. Not everybody flourishes right away and some take time to get their feet wet. Since he did not take the league by storm, Anthopolous can still wait it out and when the time is right make a deal.

    It’s kind of like a teaser trailer for a blockbuster movie. Everybody knows it’s coming, but they want to know when. They don’t know the storyline, but they want to know how the graphics will look.

    Well this is Gose’s teaser trailer. Everyone knows he’s going to get a chance. And every one wants to see if his bat speed can catch up to Major League pitching. Well here it is—two weeks of Anthony Gose magic. But if it does not work out, or if the trailer is poorly made, don’t panic. Just wait for the movie to come out.

Heading in the Right Direction

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    Gose struggled right out of the gate and saw his average drop to .091 on July 21st at Fenway. Just four games in, it looked like he was going to struggle. But he has rebounded nicely.

    A modest four-game hit streak later, Gose is batting .192. It's not great, but it’s a start. Since that low mark in Boston, his average, on-base percentage and slugging have all increased. He also had his first extra-base hit, first two stolen bases and first RBI in that time.

    It’s nothing big but it is in the right direction. 

Getting Acclimated

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    The fact that Gose can get into games now and see his numbers increase the way they have may prove to be crucial.

    When rosters expand in September, these games could prove extremely important for him. He will already have experience in the major leagues and a little confidence to boot. Perhaps if the Jays are still fighting tooth and nail for that final wild card spot, recalling Anthony Gose will prove to be the difference to the club.

    How many coming out parties have you seen in September and October? I’ve seen my fair share, so why not one north of the border?

Speed on the Bases

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    Anthony Gose is fast. Not ground-breaking news, the man is just plain fast.

    He has led his Class-A league in stolen bases with 45, his Double-A league with 70 and at the time of his call-up, he led the Pacific Coast League with 29. He can run. He knows when to run and he does it a lot. He already has two stolen bases this season in eight games.

    This speed is more than just useful for legging out the occasional infield single. He becomes another set of legs the Jays can pinch run when they need to move up 90 feet in close games. It also helps him defensively. Combined with Rajai Davis and Brett Lawrie’s speed the Blue Jays have a lot of good base runners that teams wont be able to take lightly. 

    Once again, assuming he gets sent back down and called back up in September, he could be looking at a lot of situations where he is put into the game with the sole intention of moving up 90 feet into scoring position.

    How valuable his speed is can not be understated and it is a reason he can help the Blue Jays win baseball games.

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