1. #BlueJays’ Jose Bautista celebrates after he hits a two-run HR in the 8th inning @GettySport https://t.co/KFJ0BGUkHM https://t.co/WhLLEb0ie5

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  6. By Eric Boland KANSAS CITY -- Jose Bautista kept the Blue Jays warm on a rainy night. -- 30 -- https://t.co/t1zbT13OEn

  7. Per @Fangraphs, the Blue Jays' win probability after the Donaldson strikeout was 12.9%. After Bautista's game-tying HR: 45.5%. Now: 40%.

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  13. #Royals take lead on clever base-running by Lorenzo Cain, as Jose Bautista throws ball to cutoff man on Eric Hosmer single and he heads home

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  24. Jose Bautista last night became the first player in Blue Jays history to hit multiple HR in a postseason game.

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  41. Shapiro says he hasn't reached out to David Price or any players yet, but plans to "pick up some options" in next few days. (Bautista, EE).

  42. As expected, #BlueJays exercise club options on Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and RA Dickey, decline option on Maicer Izturis

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  44. José Bautista: 3rd career 40-HR season He joins A-Rod, Pujols, R. Howard and D. Ortiz as only active players with 3+ career 40-HR seasons

  45. #BlueJays officially pick up club options on Dickey, Bautista, Encarnacion. Decline Maicer Izturis. Updated post: https://t.co/g7KzFTvn3w

  46. As expected, #BlueJays exercise club options on Bautista ($14M), Encarnacion ($10M) & Dickey ($12M) & buyout Izturis's option ($1M).

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  48. Players Who'll Keep Rolling Right Through October

  49. #BlueJays announce they picked up 2016 team options on Dickey (12M), Bautista (14M), Encarnacion (10M). Declined Izturis (1M buyout).

  50. Blue Jays exercise '16 option on Bautista https://t.co/r3NC6YD4TS

  51. Blue Jays exercise 2016 options on Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and R.A. Dickey. https://t.co/mgZ6CXO2El https://t.co/QxbhY1ZyP2

  52. Blue Jays exercise 2016 options on Bautista, Encarnacion, Dickey https://t.co/ILfAezFThg https://t.co/Ygim5STohn

  53. #BlueJays now have $71m in commitments for 2016 to Tulowitzki, Martin, Bautista, Dickey and Encarnacion. Donaldson also due big bump in arb

  54. Blue Jays exercise options on Jose Bautista ($14 million), R.A. Dickey ($12 million) and Edwin Encarnacion ($10 million).

  55. #BlueJays, as expected, pick up options on Bautista ($14-million), Dickey ($12-million), Encarnacion ($10-million).

  56. Blue Jays pick up options on Bautista, Encarnacion and Dickey https://t.co/x3jHzMfvkQ https://t.co/xe5f5eczS1

  57. Blue Jays pick up Dickey, Bautista, Encarnacion, decline Izturis https://t.co/4CMH1cZnXt #BlueJays #MLB

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  61. Jose Bautista nails it: https://t.co/HpqO8LV4JD (And the same principle also applies to Eric Hosmer’s sac-fly in the World Series.)

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