Jeremy Lin Will Not Solely Make the Rockets a Playoff Team Next Season

D'Joumbarey Moreau@@alldayballin247Correspondent IJuly 30, 2012

Jeremy Lin will be the next future at point guard for the Houston Rockets
Jeremy Lin will be the next future at point guard for the Houston RocketsBob Levey/Getty Images

Championships are made on the backs of superstars. As fans watched the 2012 NBA Finals, they saw dynamic superstar teammates in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma City battle against LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for basketball supremacy.  

Tandems in the league are always a commodity. Bunching superstars together is how teams become legendary and successful. 

Since the tandem of Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets have not had any luck in the playoffs. After losing what could be two potential Hall of Famers, Houston immediately entered into a rebuilding stage. 

General manager Daryl Morey realized that he needed to make changes. To establish a winning culture in his franchise, he brought in a player that played at the highest level during the great Celtics championship runs in the 1980s.

Kevin McHale was given the honor of leading the Rockets. A Hall of Famer, Kevin McHale was a very scrappy and physical player.

Last season, entering his first year as a the Houston Rockets head coach, McHale was fiery and competitive. Constantly seeking greatness from his players, he tried to instill confidence in his two point guards, Goran Dragic and Kyle Lowry. 

Investing in a brand-new point guard, the Houston Rockets signed Jeremy Lin this offseason to a well-deserved $28 million contract. Lin is an amazing, intelligent and humble young point guard who will lead the team. The Rockets brought in a role player who will facilitate as the team wins games.  


As a point guard, Lin will reap most of the praise for winning games. A deceptively quick point guard and intelligent pick-and roll-player, Lin will constantly get inside the paint and find teammates to get open shots.  

The reason why the Houston Rockets will not be in the playoffs solely because of his play is because, as a point guard, his talents are limited. A player who averages 3.6 turnovers, Lin allows his opponents to get a lot of possessions and score points. 

With a plethora of great point guards in the Western Conference, including Ty Lawson, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry, Steve Nash and Chris Paul, Linsanity will be overmatched defensively. 

Though the Rockets have a new dynamic player in Lin, their successes will not solely be his shoulders.

However, thanks to Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets are primed to have a deep young team that will make a good playoff run. Lin will be orchestrating a team full of great role players. 

Houston will depend on the young talent that was assembled during the draft classes of 2011 and 2012. 

Entering his second year in the NBA, Chandler Parsons will have a greater impact than he did during his rookie season. Parsons showed scouts that he was better than a second-round selection.


As for the incoming rookies, look for them to have an impact as well.

Jeremy Lamb, a fearless scorer, will be a dynamic player for the Rockets off the bench. A player with a smooth and effortless jump shot, he will score points at the NBA level.

Lamb has something in common with Terrence Jones: They both leave their respective schools, Connecticut and Kentucky, with NCAA championships.

Jones, who is a highly skilled NBA small forward, will rebound, defend and score well enough to consistently get minutes. 

By pairing a a tweener forward like Jones and a scorer like Lamb with another draft pick, Royce White, the Rockets have a formula for a winning future. White brings a unique NBA skill set that few players have. He can defend, score in the post, pass really well, shoot and get to the free-throw line. 

Although the youth will be heavily relied upon next season, the main piece and the Rockets' best player is scoring machine Kevin Martin

After coming to Houston from the Sacramento Kings, Martin has been a great shooting guard for the Rockets in the post-Tracy McGrady era. After averaging 23.5 points a game on 38 percent shooting from the three-point line in 2011, Martin played a very limited role on offense in 2012.

During his injury-plagued 2012 campaign, Martin only played in 40 games and his scoring decreased by six points, as he only averaged 17.1 points a game. 

During Martin's three seasons with the Rockets, he has averaged 21 points and shot 36 percent from the three-point line. As he returns from his injury, look for Martin to be back in form for the upcoming NBA season.

In order for the Rockets to be revitalized and get back to their playoff successes, they will have to ride the back of Martin.

Thankfully, with enough talent surrounding Lin, the Rockets will make the playoffs.

Not too much to ask of a young, developing point guard. The Rockets will be Linning on a court near you.