FC Barcelona: 21 Questions We'd Love to Ask Andres Iniesta

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FC Barcelona: 21 Questions We'd Love to Ask Andres Iniesta

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    FC Barcelona's own Andres Iniesta is perhaps the quietest football superstar in the world.

    The man from Fuentealbilla, Spain has had a career that most players could only dream of. From scoring the equalizer at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea in 2009, to scoring the extra-time goal to win the 2010 World Cup against the Netherlands, Andres has been both very lucky and very blessed in his career.

    You'd think with a resume like his that it'd lead to Andres being a bit more arrogant. Yet Andres remains the same humble and quiet man that he's always been.

    I have written 21 questions that we FC Barcelona fans would love to ask one of the best midfielders of this current generation, Andres Iniesta.

    Some of the questions are serious; some questions are two-part questions, while others are to add a touch of humor to the conversation.

    I may not ask all the questions some of you may have. Sorry, but I wouldn't ask a question like "Do you think you're the best midfielder in the world?" or "Why are you so clutch?"

    Come on now.

    Here are 21 questions we'd love to ask Andres Iniesta.

Question 1

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    Growing up you wanted to be like Pep Guardiola. Later while on the B squad, you wanted to be like Xavi. What was it like to have both your idols as on-the-pitch mentors—one as a teammate in Xavi and the other as your coach in Pep?

    Wondering what it was like to be mentored by two of the greatest midfielders in Barcelona history.

Question 2

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    Other than Pep and Xavi, who was the player you tried to mold your game after?

    Perhaps there was another player who Andres wanted to be like.

Question 3

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    What are some of the things Xavi has taught you throughout the years?

    The mentee that is Iniesta has learned so many things from mentor Xavi. I just want to hear the two or three main things Xavi has taught him.


Question 4

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    You met Pep Guardiola at a young age. Tell us about this photo. What did this moment mean for you?

    Barça fans know this image very well.

    For those that don't, this photo was taken at the end of the 1999 Nike Premier Cup. Iniesta, at age 14, led the FC Barcelona minor squad to victory over Rosario Central.

    Andres made the golden goal. He's always had the golden touch.

    Iniesta received a medal and the trophy from his boyhood hero, Pep Guardiola.

Question 5

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    What is the best advice Pep ever gave you?

    I'm sure Pep has given Andres plenty of advice. I just want to hear the one that stands out for Don Andres.

Question 6

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    Which player in the game's history not named Pep Guardiola would you have loved to play alongside with?

    Maybe Andres would have loved to play with Pelé. Perhaps a Spanish league legend like Alfredo Di Stefano. 

Question 7

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    You seem to never lose your cool on the pitch. How are you able to control your emotion—in particular, your anger or frustration—on the pitch? 

    He'll probably say that's just how he's always been, but I want to ask the question. 

Question 8

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    What was the first thought that ran through your mind when that ball passed Petr Cech at Stamford Bridge in 2009? Tell us about that moment.

    I know what the first though of most Barcelona fans was: Gracias Andres!

Question 9

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    Like The Miracle at Stamford Bridge, what was the first thought that ran through your mind when that ball passed Maarten Stekelenburg at Soccer City in 2010?

    "We won" or "Campeones" is certainly one of the answers. I just want to hear more about the goal that made Spain champions of football.

Question 10

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    You’ve made two goals that only we fans could ever dream of making. Are you ever in awe at what you’ve done in your career at such a young age?

    How many footballers wish they had half of Iniesta's career? And he's just 28.

Question 11

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    You have a little girl, Valeria. If you and your wife Anna have a son, will you want your son to pursue football?

    Just to get him to smile and talk about his family for a bit.

Question 12

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    There are many that think and say Andres Iniesta is actually underrated. Why do think people think and say this?

    Wondering to hear what he has to say about the topic.

Question 13

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    Who has been the toughest defender you’ve faced on the pitch?

    Perhaps it's his Spanish national teammate Sergio Ramos. Pepe is another tough defender. Maybe it's a defender he's faced in Champions League action like John Terry or Thiago Silva.

Question 14

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    What’s the most challenging thing about being a midfielder for this Barcelona team? 

    Not too much to explain about this question.

Question 15

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    You’ve been candid and humorous about your hair. Have you considered a hair transplant like Wayne Rooney?

    Another question to make him laugh. But seriously, would he get Rooney plugs?

Question 16

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    As the years go by, Cesc Fabregas’ role in the midfield will increase. What will you do to try to teach Cesc about the Barça system and on how to grow as a midfielder? 

    I'm curious to hear if Andres is taking the mentor role to Cesc's mentee role as Xavi was to him. 

Question 17

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    Who’s a midfielder not on your team that you enjoy watching?

    Maybe he enjoys watching Andrea Pirlo. Perhaps he likes the play of Luka Modic or Andres' countryman, Juan Mata.

Question 18

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    Like Xavi, you’ve essentially won every trophy in football, yet the Ballon d’Or has yet to come to youmainly because of your teammate, Lionel Messi. Does anything ever surprise you anymore about what Lionel does on the pitch? What is it about Leo that makes him such a great teammate?

    This is to get Andres to talk about Messi, their friendship and their on-the-pitch chemistry.

Question 19

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    What advice would you give to a kid who is reading this and wants to be like you?

    This question is for all the kids who dream of being like Iniesta.

Question 20

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    You and your family opened up a winery, Bodega Iniesta. Is it safe to say you will be dedicating your time to the wine business full time when you retire? As a follow up, can I have a few bottles to take home?

    Just curious to hear him talk about one of his other passions in his life. Plus, I'd like a free bottle of wine.

Question 21

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    Andres, you could retire today at the age of 28 and it could be said that you’ve had a complete career. When you do retire, what do you want the history books to remember about Andres Iniesta Lujan?  

    Simply put: What does he want his legacy to be?


    Thanks for reading. Always appreciated.

    A special shout out to Raphael Gellar and everyone at Israel Sports Radio for having me on as a guest to talk FC Barcelona last week.

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