Tired of the Dallas Cowboys Stabbing You in the Heart?

Matt CullenAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2009

When I joined Bleacher Report about two months ago, it was the final two weeks of the NFL regular season, and you will never see me more giddy than when the NFL is in session.

I wrote two articles, one breaking down the NFC Playoff Picture and the other with some random thoughts from Week 16.

As a Dallas Cowboys fan, Week 17 was a big week. After a roller-coaster season, the Dallas Cowboys controlled their own destiny. If we won, then were were in. Not only would they have had a first round date with the legend that is Tarvaris Jackson, but they also would have knocked out the hated Philadelphia Eagles in the process.

Well, football fans know how that one turned out. It took me a long while to get over that loss. I wasn't able to write another article until after the Conference Championship Games and chose three days after that to write this— http://bleacherreport.com/articles/116100-the-10-worst-losses-for-the-dallas-cowboys-of-the-decade.

It was not only my first column to receive POTD votes, get attention outside of B/R (A Washington Redskins blog to be specific), but was an attempt at a healing process. I didn't want to come out the day after the season ended and write an incoherent rant. This somewhat humorous article was used as a healing process.

I told myself that I would not be so confident about the Dallas Cowboys until they gave me a reason to believe they could win in big-games—a.k.a. win one playoff game maybe.

Sure enough, 12 days ago, I wrote a very long NFC East Preview that concluded with me picking the Cowboys to go to the playoffs over the Eagles.

What prompted me to change my mind so quickly? I have no clue; I can tell you though that it probably had nothing to do with Martellus Bennett's rap, or news of Jerry Jones and his reality TV Show.

Does this mean I am changing my mind again? Not necessarily, but I do need to remember to not to try and get my hopes up.

Bill Simmons, a writer for ESPN gave a friend and Cowboys fan advice on his Pod-cast before the highly anticipated Week 17 match-up with the Eagles. He used a JD Drew comparison, saying that you should try and exhaust all of the worst possible scenarios in your head and it really helps you deal with the situation.

With JD Drew, for instance, Bill would think of all the bad things that could happen every single time he came up to the plate.

Fellow Dallas Cowboys fans, lets get ready to have hopefully a great year. But if you can, take the time to leave a comment on this article of your horrible scenario that can happen to the Dallas Cowboys. Lets try and keep it original. (No botched snaps for instance please.)

Maybe having this mindset can help us deal with the tragedies that the Dallas Cowboys can bring us. Maybe in January, we can have a good laugh at this. 

I thank you for taking the time to read and go Cowboys!