JaMarcus Russell Will Be the Best QB in the AFC West

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 17, 2009

JaMarcus Russell has a lot to look forward to next season, with a new QB coach and offensive line coach. For two years now he has been getting adjusted to a Raider team that has been sub-par.

This has a lot to do with Lane Kiffin giving up on the Raiders early last season. One of the biggest reasons JaMarcus Russell will be great next year is Tom Cable, and his devotion to winning with the Oakland Raiders.

Many of you do not realize what a good coach can do for a team.  Let me remind of you of how an unknown coach made the Raiders a great team again. His name was Jon Gruden.  Jon worked hard at turning this team around and if you didnt see a change in the Raider game at the end of the year during Cables run, then you are blind. jon had the talent needed and he had the team on his side. I see this with the Raiders.

JaMarcus Russell is a big QB, with probably the strongest arm in the NFL. Supposedly, he can get on his knees and throw a 70 yard pass.

The addition of Jim Michalczik is also huge, since he has the experience to get JaMarcus Russell the time needed to restore the legendary Raider vertical game.

JaMarcus Russell has also learned the speed of the NFL. He will get better at the quick release and will get more time, due to the fact that the Oakland Raiders have so many great RB's.

I realize that many NFL fans feel the Raiders will once again be a mediocre team. This is far from the truth. Al Davis has really out done himself with the talent pool the Oakland Raiders have now.

As a Raider fan, I always felt that we had some kinda curse on us. It seemed that whenever we released a player it would somehow hurt us when we played them—Jeff Jaeger, LaMont Jordan, and a few others. But after finally getting out of the hole we have been in, I feel that we will be on top again.

JaMarcus Russell's experience is the main reason why I feel this way. His late season performances were spectacular when he picked apart the Texans and Tampa Bay. I really enjoy the fact that he is a very physical player. It was inspiring to see JaMarcus Russell run over a KC cornerback.

JaMarcus will have the time needed in training to get to know his wide receivers and tight ends. He is already comfortable throwing the ball to TE Zach Miller. It's only a matter of time before he gets better with Curry, Higgins, and Schilens.

Lets not forget that Al Davis may be looking for another wide receiver with the speed to get down field for JaMarcus, for example, the gridiron-burner James Jett.

Another factor is the Darren McFadden. With Mcfadden on the field, defenses will be more cautious because they wont know what to expect.  Will he run, or catch, or what? LT may have been the superstar of the AFC West but those days are over.

The Raiders have been defeating AFC West teams lately and they need to have JaMarcus Russell watch the films of these opposing teams. It is this type of training that will help JaMarcus understand defensive stances and play calling.

I am also well aware of the other QBs in the AFC West, but the fact of the matter is that the Oakland Raiders secondary is filled with play-makers. By the start of next season the Raider defense will shock the NFL. I am certain Tom Cable will make the required adjustments to pass rush Thigpen and Rivers.

As for JaMarcus Russell, he will have the time needed to throw the ball down field. If JaMarcus gets better at running the ball when coverage is good then this will make him an even better player. I am certain that he will improve in this area as well. I am telling everyone now, this new Raider team is not the same team that started the season last year.

There are some smart changes occurring in Oakland, and those changes will result in wins. Those wins will be the result of JaMarcus Russell's training during the off season.

People will say this is a fantasy dream, but I can tell you in all honesty, the Oakland Raiders will be great next season.  JaMarcus Russell will have all the tools necessary to dominate the other AFC West quarterbacks. Its really hard to believe how badly so called Raider fans still have no faith in the team at thats sad. I will always have faith in the system and Al Davis. Yes ,Al Davis has made some errors in the past but keeping the Cableman was a wise choice.

JaMarcus' time to shine is now. He knows people call him a bust, but we Raider fans know that he needed to mature and get familiar with the NFL. lets not forget that he had to get reacquanited with a new Head Coach and surprisingly it was in a good way and Jamarcus scored and played well at seasons end. We have all seen his powerful arm.

JaMarcus Russell will be so much more familiar with the game, and I can promise you that next year the Raiders will be 10-6. JaMarcus Russell is not only familiar with the regular AFC West nemesis of the Raiders but he also faces Dallas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Redskins. JaMarcus Russell playing these teams will only make his skills get better since playing level rises with greater challenges. I would rather Russell play these tough teams than teams like the Lions, Rams and Seahawks

We play some great teams next season, but the advantage goes to the Raiders. We are the underdogs and have been before. Everyone thought we would lose to the Buccanneers last season and instead what happened. I've said it over and over again in my articles , there are the true Oakland Raider fans that always want the best for Oakland and no matter what, have faith in the team because we know football games are not predetermined. The Raiders have beaten many teams that we were supposed to lose to. Then there are those who always have something negative to say. I can guarantee you, there are a lot of them and as you read the comments below you will see what I mean. They are those wannabee fans that become loyalist when we win and if we lose they are the ones putting more salt on the injury.

We do have some making up to do and you may have noticed that these are teams we have played and defeated on our way to SB victories i.e. Eagles, Redskins and Steelers. JaMarcus Russell will be great in the AFC west. By next seasons end I am sure you will agree. Cable can get us through next season shining in that beautful Silver armor but we as fans have to let them know that we are also on their side. Not writing commentaries bashing performance even though they are still young. Go Raiders!