St Louis Rams: Friday's Rams News and Notes at Noon

Shane GraySenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2012

Janoris Jenkins
Janoris JenkinsMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Welcome to Friday's St. Louis Rams "News and Notes at Noon," the one stop locale for all major Rams headlines and other updates of interest with brief commentary and analysis for Rams Nation. 


Janoris Jenkins and Rams Tied Up in a Contract Dispute 

Jason Cole of reported yesterday that Janoris Jenkins and the St. Louis Rams have hit a stalemate in negotiations due to a pre-draft agreement between the Rams and Jenkins as orchestrated by Jeff Fisher that would see Jenkins financially advised by Lou Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. 

According to Cole's report, this type of verbal pre-draft agreement is not permitted within the parameters of the collective bargaining agreement. 

In April, Fisher reportedly received a commitment from Jenkins' agent that a business manager would be hired to help the talented second cornerback who St. Louis selected in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. 

It is interesting that Cole asserts that Fisher insists that Jenkins work with Taylor even though the Rams have reportedly admitted that, "We know there can't be any pre-conditions to the contract."

Cole states that both sides, however, want to avoid any legal action. That is probably a very good indication that a resolution will be reached within a reasonable time frame.

This matter, obviously, is a complex one. Cole shared a great deal more information on the matter in his aforementioned above-linked report.  

I would expect that some sort of agreement will be realized between now and the first few days of training camp, at the very latest.  

Ultimately, Jenkins and the Rams will find some sort of solution. 


Ranking the League's Linebackers and Safeties 

Ryan Van Bibber recently wrote two separate pieces for ranking the Rams and each of the league's 32 teams at both the linebacker and safety positions. 

Without giving away the rankings, Van Bibber shows more love for St. Louis at safety than he does within his linebacker rankings.  

Although the Rams have added a trio of veteran outside linebackers via free agency (Mario Haggan, Jo-Lonn Dunbar and Rocky McIntosh), OLB has been a spot that the Rams have been deficient at for far too long. 

Hopefully, that will change in 2012.  

Part of the problem involves the fact that the Rams have not utilized a pick on an OLB prior to the seventh round since 2006.  


Alvin Reid Shares His Thoughts on Roger Goodell's L.A. Memo 

Alvin Reid of shared his take on Roger Goodell's recent memo to all 32 NFL teams outlining what would need to occur before an NFL team could apply to move to Los Angeles. 

In Reid's opinion, the Goodell memo puts the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission in a tough position.  

Reid asserts that the Rams can check yes to all the boxes for relocation if the CVC does not agree to terms with the arbitrators, which is something that would secure the Rams staying in St. Louis through at least 2025. 

However, Reid's assertions are not entirely accurate. 

Any city would have to prove it has exhausted all efforts to find a stadium solution in its home market and consult with the league in that regard.  The Rams are from from reaching that criteria.  

Even if the Rams and CVC do not reach a resolution via arbitration, the process has just begun. In addition to the Edward Jones Dome and options there, the Rams have not yet exhausted possibilities north of the EJD, across the river in Illinois or in prospective suburban sites like Chesterfield or Fenton. 

The San Diego Chargers, for one, would most likely meet that requirement.  

As this piece from Pro Football Talk and Mike Florio points out, the commissioner stated that there has been a lack of urgency and progress in San Diego.  That commissioner, by the way, was Paul Tagliabue and his statements were from 2004. 

As Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, among others, points out, the league will control the relocation process. 

Furthermore, 24 of 32 owners would have to approve a move.  That may or may not be an easy task considering that other owners benefit from using L.A. as leverage for enhancements in their cities and that the collective bargaining agreement is set for the next nine years so the financial windfall that could come from new TV money would not be realized for several years. 

Anything could ultimately happen, however, and one positive within the lease for the CVC is that any ruling via arbitration that they agree to is binding on the Rams. 

The Rams, unlike the Chargers (year to year lease) or the Oakland Raiders (lease expires after 2013 season), could not leave before 2015, if they were so inclined.  

The Buffalo Bills, depending on the status of Ralph Wilson, could also be up for a potential move before the Rams could be. 

While the Jacksonville Jaguars have a long-term lease in place, they do have a buyout clause within it, and although new owner Shahid Khan committed to Jacksonville, he also said the fans must support the team.  

One often overlooked aspect regarding Rams owner Stan Kroenke is his incredibly deep business ties in the state of Missouri. Sure, if an agreement is not met with the CVC and a site is not found in the metro, a move is certainly theoretically possible. 

However, there are a slew of factors, including the fact that the vast majority of Kroenke's business still occurs in Missouri.  If Stan were to move the Rams, his preferred vendor list and subsequent tax breaks would almost certainly be a thing of the past. 

This is one of many considerations that are far too often overlooked. 

Does that mean it would necessarily stop a move? Of course not. But these are all important background aspects that are not considered by many. 

In addition, the St. Louis Rams Rams Broadcasting Network will be in an all-time high of eight states this Fall during preseason action. Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff said the following in that regard: 

We have spent a lot of time trying to grow the team regionally around St. Louis. This year, for the first time, our preseason games on the Rams Broadcast Network, will be available in eight states, and within every television market within 250 miles of St. Louis _ including Springfield. Regional growth is paramount to our club's success,

To me, it makes no sense to continue to expand the footprint from last year's previous high of five states in the southern plains/midwest to eight if the plan is to move west. 

Although Demoff's continued and repetitive commitment of the Rams' commitment to St. Louis is often ignored or dismissed by some factions, he has been very clear in that regard on multiple occasions, including last month's chat at 

In the end, time will tell the tale of what ultimately occurs with the Rams. For many more reasons than those shared here, including but not limited to these. As most of you know, I expect a long-term resolution in St. Louis and a bright future for the Rams in the Gateway CIty. 

For more on the topic and the NFL Network's Albert Breer's opinions on several NFL teams and their stadium situations, please click here.

The Modesto Bee suggests that the recent agreement between AEG and the Oakland A's facility, the, could prelude better relations with the Raiders and the purchase of the team from owner Mark Davis. 

However, that could very well fail to come to fruition.  


Have a great day, as always, STL Rams Nation. 



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