Oklahoma City Thunder: A Little Justice in the World, Scott Brooks to Stay

Dallas Mavericks Examiner@@AustinMFFLCorrespondent IIIJuly 3, 2012

Under Scott Brooks' Command, the Thunder Have Improved THIS Much...
Under Scott Brooks' Command, the Thunder Have Improved THIS Much...

It was surprising to many that Scott Brooks' contract was allowed to expire following the NBA Finals. During a relatively short voyage, he has steered his ship from the bottom of the cellar to one step away from the top of the mountain.  

As one might have expected, however, his status as a free agent didn't last long.

Moving past rumors that he might be replaced by Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy, Brooks held a news conference to happily announce a new contract, according to reports from the Associated Press.  

It seems no one is more deserving than Brooks, who took the team to the playoffs just one year after a 23-59 season, followed by a trip to the Western Conference finals in 2010-11 and then the NBA Finals this past season.

While recent and current NBA champions like the Celtics and the Heat have assembled a "Big 3" trio of superstars to ascend to the pinnacle of the NBA, Sam Presti and Co. have managed to assemble a triumvirate of their own in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

These guys are not only All-Star level players, but are also exceptionally young.  Anything can happen in the NBA but these three have unprecedented potential to continue improving together indefinitely.

Since Brooks, a relative sprout himself, has been a part of that process since Day One, there is little question that management is giving credit where credit is due.  

With the team only one step away from a ring and a young, athletic and talented core, OKC is poised to be a championship contender for a long time, which will in turn make it an attractive destination for free agents.  

That may leave a few people sleepless in Seattle, but in Oklahoma City they may rest easy for the foreseeable future.