Debate: How Does Jason Terry Signing Impact Celtics' 2013 Title Hopes?

Joel C. Cordes@@bballJoelNBA Associate EditorJuly 3, 2012

Does Jason Terry's arrival make the Boston Celtics a championship contender next season?

As the Celts and Terry finalize a three-year, mid-level exception contract worth $5 million per season, it does significantly cloud the waters for Ray Allen's return.

What's more, it only muddies Boston's backcourt situation in general.

As a former Sixth Man of the Year, Terry's best work is playing near-starter's minutes off the bench. This makes the most sense if he is to spot major minutes behind Avery Bradley and brief moments for Rajon Rondo.

So, where does that leave Ray Allen? As he weighs his options, the Celtics clearly just took away a lot of his potential minutes, even as they can still offer a two-year contract at $6 million per season.

Was Terry signed to be Bradley's backup, or were the Celtics going to re-sign Allen and let him start at shooting guard? Or is Terry to start alongside Rondo at the 2?

Yet, playing Allen and Terry together doesn't make sense defensively at all, and the two are somewhat redundant on offense.

If Allen is to leave, then is Terry a significant upgrade? Was he a better option than many of the younger, more athletic shooting guards who were available? Would Jamal Crawford or O.J. Mayo have been better fits?

With plenty of questions to answer, NBA Featured Columnist Joel C. Cordes and NBA Assistant Editor Ethan Norof debate whether this signing was a step forward for the Boston Celtics.


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