1. Goals the Rockets Must Achieve This Season

  2. Rockets' Defensive Issues Need to Be Addressed...Soon

  3. Harden, Rockets Have a Defensive Effort Problem

  4. Terry May See More Time with Pat Beverley Out

  5. Coach Kevin McHale joins the stage. "Having @jasonterry31 back is fantastic. He's such a smart vet for us." http://t.co/JvVD4ZJ5Gb

  6. “Right now on paper we look good. We have depth at every position. Need to be healthy at the right time,” Jason Terry on #Rockets

  7. Jason Terry: "We’re very close. Right now, on paper, we look good. Our main thing this year is being healthy at right time."

  8. Rockets Have Long Way to Go Despite Big Win

  9. Lawson Trade, Capela Rising and Summer of Harden: Rockets Preview

  10. “We are good. We are deep. We have guys that complement each other, but you have to go out there and play, (& do it)” Jason Terry #Rockets

  11. Jason Terry described himself "going back to my natural position." Was starting point in playoffs. Will be in backup 2-gd mix this season.

  12. Jason Terry says he’s happy going back to his “natural position,” playing off the ball

  13. Jason Terry tales a picture with UFC fighter Daniel Cormier. https://t.co/3cHssoFSvH

  14. Ty Lawson has Kostas Papanikolaou's old locker between D-Mo and Jason Terry.

  15. Jason Terry, who told me yesterday "See you Oct. 28," checks in. Joshua Smith, KJ McDaniels also in game with Harden, Dekker.

  16. Jeremy Tyler, Josh Smith, KJ McDaniels and Jason Terry all in right now. And James Harden is still, for some reason, in there

  17. Jason Terry booed as he shoots a technical. Turns to the crowd with an incredulous look. Hey, his number hangs from rafters in Tuscon.

  18. Jason Terry with 2 straight turnovers and Montrezl Harrell with his 4th foul. When do actual games start?

  19. One more Rockets player that will take in this one from home: Jason Terry did not make the trip, as with Harden, Howard, Ariza and Lawson.

  20. This is Jason Terry's 17th year but he's still pumping up crowd and waving his arms in a preseason game. Rockets make run, lead 97-91

  21. I would rather Jason Terry not do the JET thing in a preseason game but I mean who the heck am I

  22. Jason Terry, in his 17th season in the NBA, in jump ball with Emmanuel Mudiay, in his 19th year on Earth.

  23. Jason Terry sends a message to his teammates https://t.co/NI3MsV2G9A

  24. With Jason Terry checking in, Rockets have gone 10 deep in a night they don't have Jones, Howard.

  25. Jeff Teague has now passed Jason Terry for ninth on the all-time franchise list in assists with 2231.

  26. With Pat Beverley out, Jason Terry checks in at the point. Montrezl Harrell getting first minutes of night at center.

  27. Jason Terry, always at the ready, to see more time with Pat Beverley out https://t.co/NobBv1YbZd

  28. Chuck Hayes gets the first call off the bench for the Rockets. Checks in with Jason Terry. Applause for Hayes, boos for Terry.

  29. Why is everyone booing Jason Terry?

  30. With Chris Paul and Pat Beverley out, the 2nd and 3rd - oldest point guards in NBA - Pablo Prigioni and Jason Terry - likely to match up.

  31. I suggested to Jason Terry his Nets team was a contender. "On paper. We had plenty of names. For some reason, we couldn't put it together."

  32. Jason Terry comes in off the bench. No Patrick Beverley as of yet.

  33. Jason Terry w/ his 2nd corner 3 and the Rockets are down 3 once again, 84-81.

  34. Jason Terry to @CBSSports on what makes Dirk still this good. https://t.co/CM4q85JfSw

  35. Flagrant-one foul on Jason Terry for pulling down Dwight Powell with 2:32 left in the 3rd. #DALatHOU

  36. Jason Terry attacking off the catch briefly injected some life into this game. JVG has to be enjoying Dwight Powell's performance.

  37. I also talked to Jason Terry about Dirk Nowitzki and why the legend is still so good. https://t.co/DYs2ezNExj

  38. Rockets' changes will not only be on the bench. Jason Terry replaces Ty Lawson in starting lineup. That, rest to be announced soon.

  39. JB Bickerstaff 36 years old Jason Terry 38 years old https://t.co/tBQHzr0qJu

  40. Rockets starters: Ariza, Jones, Howard, Harden and Jason Terry. Blazers: Aminu, Vonleh, Plumlee, McCollum and Lillard.

  41. Your Rockets starters for tonight: F: @TrevorAriza F: @TerrenceJones1 C: @DwightHoward G: @JHarden13 G: @jasonterry31

  42. Rockets bench Ty Lawson, start Jason Terry https://t.co/pD1FPmFZwp

  43. Almost as good as Dwight calling out Jason Terry for not helping from the weakside on a Blazers dunk. https://t.co/cvVvemuCMY

  44. Call on Jason Terry, which looked like a phantom call to me and the other officials, came so late I wrote miss in notebook before whistle.