6 New York Jets Who Could Be Dealt Before the Regular Season

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IJuly 2, 2012

6 New York Jets Who Could Be Dealt Before the Regular Season

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    With training camp and preseason just weeks from getting underway, it is time to take another look at the New York Jets' roster—this time, looking for players who could be spending their last few weeks with the crew in Florham Park and then taking their talents elsewhere.

    Could Mark Sanchez be on his way out now that the Jets have Tebow?  Will Santonio Holmes remain in New York despite his attitude in the locker room?  Will Revis Island be moving out of MetLife Stadium?  All questions that will be answered in the next few slides.

    So, without further ado, here is a look at some New York Jets who could be dealt before the regular season.

1. Mark Sanchez

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    Poor Mark Sanchez.  With the addition of Tim Tebow in March, his days in green and white (or red during practice) are numbered.  

    Sanchez's performance since his rookie season in 2009 has been very inconsistent.  One minute he is throwing game-winning touchdown passes to Santonio Holmes in the final seconds of a nail-biter, and the next he is throwing three interceptions and costing his team the game.

    Tim Tebow only adds to the pressure Sanchez is facing, being a big name athlete in New York City.  With two months until the start of the season, there is plenty of time for Sanchez to lose his spot on the Jets.  

    Skip Bayless pointed out something very interesting in this clip via ESPN.com, and that is that Tim Tebow fits what the Jets want to do, and that as soon as Sanchez does not perform, Tebow will be primed and ready to swoop in.

    If Sanchez does not do well in the coming weeks, he could be on his way out of New York.

2. Vladimir Ducasse

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    Since the 2010 NFL season, Vladimir Ducasse has been a big disappointment for the New York Jets.  The 325-pound offensive lineman out of Massachusetts just cannot block.

    Each preseason, the Jets give him chances in each of the games; he either lets someone bully him when he plays at guard, or lets ends and outside linebackers blow by him when he plays tackle.  

    He has already had two shots to prove his worth.  This preseason will be a make-it-or-break-it showing for "Big Vlad."

3. Wayne Hunter

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    Just like Ducasse, Wayne Hunter is another lineman who just has not shown that he is worth the amount the Jets are paying him.  In 2010, he took over at right tackle for Damien Woody, who would retire after the season, and then took over the position in 2011.

    Needless to say since he is on this list, Hunter just has not been the player the Jets expected. 

    One of Hunter's worst moments came Week 11 against the Denver Broncos.  It was 3rd-and-long for the Jets, and they were trying to move the ball downfield after Tebow scored what would be the game-winning touchdown.  

    All Hunter had to do was hold his ground against Miller and keep Sanchez from getting hit. Watch this clip via YouTube, and you'll notice that Hunter looked like a ragdoll the way Miller threw him to the side and subsequently got to Sanchez.

    Don't be surprised to hear that the Jets are shopping around for someone to take Hunter before the season starts.

4. Santonio Holmes

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    For those Jets fans who are wondering what Santonio Holmes could have possibly done to get himself onto this list, you must have been under a rock since the beginning of the year.

    Holmes' fall began during the Jets' Week 17 game against the Dolphins when he and right tackle Wayne Hunter (No. 3 on this list) got into an argument in the huddle.  

    Now, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, Holmes has been pulling himself out of practices when he feels he is being overworked, even though the Jets' organization is trying to show its players and everybody else that they mean business this year by putting in the necessary work to win a championship.

    While Holmes has been a solid contributor for the Jets, he is no longer a No. 1 kind of receiver.  He would make a nice No. 2 complementing a playmaker, but this has been an issue for him in New York, since they haven't really had a true No. 1 receiver.  

    A fresh start in another city might be best for Holmes. It would humble him, and who knows, he may help that team and not be a cancer in the locker room.

5. Mike DeVito

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    Unlike Santonio Holmes, Wayne Hunter and Vladimir Ducasse, Mike DeVito has not done anything wrong.  He has been a solid player for the last few years, playing at the defensive end position.  

    But now that the Jets are switching to a 4-3 defense and drafted Quinton Coples (another defensive end) in the first round, it looks as if DeVito will be seeing the bench this season.

    While he is not the best in the league, DeVito is a valuable guy who could be utilized on the edge in another city rather than being a backup in New York.  If the Jets were to trade DeVito, they could get a mid-round pick or even better if they play their cards right.

6. Darrelle Revis

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    I may be called crazy for this one, but Revis Island being re-located is a possibility this summer.  

    Darrelle Revis is a rare breed when it comes to playing cornerback, and with anything that is rare, a large price tag follows.  

    Two years ago Revis held out for a larger contract, which he was given after missing nearly all of preseason.  This year, there has been hint after hint that Revis might hold out again.

    The ball is in the New York Jets' court now.  They have a few options: to give him more money, let him hold out again or ship him off.  If the Jets were to trade Revis, they could try to fill some holes that need help.  They could try to get a tackle and maybe some draft picks, or another receiver to help out Sanchez, Tebow and Greene in the backfield.  

    While it is unlikely the Jets trade Revis, if he decides to hold out, it is possible that he will be gone, but it could help the Jets in terms of total depth.