NBA Free Agency 2012: Playing Fact or Fiction with Miami Heat Offseason Targets

Ehran Khan@@ekhansworldContributor IIIJune 25, 2012

NBA Free Agency 2012: Playing Fact or Fiction with Miami Heat Offseason Targets

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    No rest for the weary. Or the winners.

    It's back to the drawing board for the Miami Heat. With the free agency period less than a week away, Miami has already narrowed down the list of free agents to the six or seven they want the most.

    According to Alex Kennedy of, the Heat are targeting veteran players who would be willing to take less money in order to pursue that elusive championship ring.

    Let's play a little game of "Fact or Fiction" with the players on Miami's wish list.

Steve Nash

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    While Steve Nash would be an amazing get for the Heat because it would add another player who can create shots for teammates (relieving LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of some of that pressure), he will not sign with Miami.

    Nash has maintained that while he wants to play for a contender he wants to work for a championship and play a major role in attaining his coveted ring. He doesn't want to join a juggernaut just to be along for the ride.

    Maybe that's just the Canadian way, but Nash wants more of a challenge than playing for the Heat.

Chris Kaman

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    Miami's biggest need is at center and Chris Kaman would fill the void admirably.

    As Chris Bosh has evolved into more of a face up/pick-and-pop player in Miami, the Heat are left without any low post scoring threats aside from the occasional post-ups from James and Wade.

    Kaman would add an accomplished scorer down on the block, while also adding a rebounding and shot-blocking force in the middle.

Grant Hill

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    As the oldest player in the NBA, Grant Hill feels Father Time beckoning him away from the basketball court.

    Hill knows that this will be his last opportunity to play for a title and he's the type of guy who would take a minimum salary to allow the Heat to sign other helpful players as well.

    Though he's turning 40 this November, Hill can still play a role off the bench as the Heat try to repeat as champs.

Andre Miller

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    Miami would benefit greatly from adding a heady point guard who can create shots for his teammates.

    Andre Miller fits that bill. Having never been out of the first round of the playoffs in his career, you know Miller is hungry for postseason success.

    This past season, Miller showed how effective he can be playing behind a young point guard. He can do the same for the Heat backing up Mario Chalmers and playing crunch time minutes when needed.

Ray Allen

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    Ray Allen would be an excellent fit for Miami. 

    The Heat need floor spacers on the court to open up driving lanes for James and Wade and there's no better floor spacer in the league than Allen.

    Miami looked unbeatable during the stretches when Mike Miller, Chalmers and Shane Battier were knocking down open threes. Ray Allen can be all of those guys rolled into one.

    And, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the interest is mutual.

Jermaine O'Neal

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    Miami already knows what it's like to have O'Neal on the squad. While he did alright with the Heat as recently as the 2010 season, the last two seasons makes it feel like O'Neal is finished.

    O'Neal played just 49 games over the past two seasons combined. Even when he has been in the lineup, he's been ineffective to say the least. The Heat know that the former All-Star has nothing left to offer besides six fouls a game.

Brandon Roy

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    Brandon Roy recently announced his intention to attempt a comeback to the NBA.

    Though Roy is still in his prime as an athlete, his balky knees have been a problem for years and they will eventually wear down no matter how cautious he tries to be.

    Sadly, Roy will never be the same force he once was and he may not even stay healthy for more than a handful of games.

    Even though Roy's price tag ought to be palatable, the Heat shouldn't target a player who may provide more distractions than results.