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  7. ...because when I think "skateboards," the FIRST thing I think of is "Chris Kaman!" https://t.co/nJKqV3Ww6f

  8. Chris Kaman is right around the corner! Send him your questions using #BlazersMediaDay

  9. "Getting him as an undrafted player is unbelievable.'' - @ChrisKaman, on @CAlexander (h/t @jwquick)

  10. Chris Kaman doesn't want you to worry about Chris Kaman. From @CHold ยป http://t.co/pRVVVQurtN http://t.co/5wuLx5SNRS

  11. Chris Kaman without a beard looks weird. https://t.co/a4RJomrC1t

  12. Chris Kaman "a little crazy," "a lot different" but a key mentor for young @trailblazers http://t.co/AEjWHzJD6C

  13. Chris Kaman making that jumper was the cherry on top of a very, very fun game.

  14. "We have an open relationship." -- Terry Stotts re: Chris Kaman.

  15. End of 3: Blazers 87, Pels 67. Of note: Blazers sticking with the same big rotation as they had in the preseason, meaning no Chris Kaman

  16. The Gorilla did skit where he broke Steve Nash's MVP trophy. Head went rolling toward Blazers bench. Chris Kaman picked it up and shot it.

  17. Chris Kaman, the student is now the teacher. A look at Kaman's new role https://t.co/ETYL8eGi7Y

  18. Chris Kaman will start for the Blazers tonight

  19. Surprise: Chris Kaman will start for the sidelined Meyers Leonard when #Blazers visit Memphis.

  20. Chris Kaman getting the start for the Blazers, it appears.

  21. Blazers up 14-8 early. POR starts 6/8 from the field. CJ with 6 points, Chris Kaman with 4.

  22. Chris Kaman signaling to Terry Stotts #RipCity #PORatMEM https://t.co/1SLgeIl9JO

  23. Chris Kaman to start vs Spurs

  24. Chris Kaman continuing his role as de facto player-coach, directing young Cliff Alexander on the sideline.

  25. In the four games Meyers Leonard has been sidelined, Stotts has started Chris Kaman twice and now Noah Vonleh twice

  26. Cliff Alexander goes to the beach & Chris Kaman waves him over to come talk w/ him. Such a luxury for the Blazers to have Kaman as a mentor.

  27. Leonard said he played 1-on-1 with Chris Kaman today, his first contact since Nov. 11 injury