Oakland Raiders Free Agency: Terrell Owens or Jerry Porter In Silver and Black?

Dondi RaiderContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

On the day rumors, yes rumors, were started by Mike Lombardi, a.k.a. as "sour grapes towards the Raiders because I had a beef with Coach Shell and a big mouth to boot," Jerry Porter gets the axe in Jacksonville.

How fitting!  Lombardi knows, like everyone else, what a cancer Terrell Owens is, and, of course, rumors him to his "buddy" Al Davis. 

No way anyone trades for T.O. because unless you’re a perfect idiot, you know him, and his ridiculous $9 million contract, along with his league leading drop passes is likely to be cut. So why give up draft choices for him?  Answer—you wouldn't!

Now, the Raiders could use some bargain wide receivers with upside, since they already have an overpaid one with lots of downside. His name is Javon Walker, in case you have been in a black hole!

That's where Porter comes in.  He just might realize that the grass ain't always greener, and have a—dare I say—grateful attitude?  Remember, when he left, it was Porter, not Miller, who was Jamarcus's favorite target. 

He is still young and hasn't burnt any bridges. He'd come cheap (compared to Michael Crabtree, T.O., Hosyamama, or Anquan—who ain’t going anywhere because he still has a contract) and he knows what he's getting into in Oaktown.  And he's never blasted his quarterback, a la T.O., "all my quarterbacks hate me."

Porter's got my vote to come back home and take his place where he belongs—as an Oakland Raider starting receiver! 

Lastly, Davis likes Porter. He simply referred to him as "young" in regards to his issue with Shell and Biletnikoff.

So if we have to choose between T.O. and Porter, there really is no choice—tough stuff T.O., we want Porter back in black!