TNA: Wrestlers Who Could Help Revitalize the X Division

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 21, 2012

TNA: Wrestlers Who Could Help Revitalize the X Division

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    The X Division.

    It put TNA on the map and has been a staple in the company's 10-year history.

    Wrestlers such as AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Samoa Joe, Daniels, Sean Waltman, Low Ki, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Kazarian and many more greats have held the prestigious championship.

    The problem right now is that there's basically no competition for the belt. The current champion, Austin Aries, stands alone on a pedestal as champ with only three or four other X Division wrestlers on the roster.

    Chris Sabin, Jesse Sorensen, Kid Kash, Mark Haskins and Zema Ion are the only real X Division stars (not counting Aries, of course; he looks to leave the division for something bigger).

    Sabin and Sorensen are injured. Kid Kash comes and goes in TNA and is trying to break into MMA at the same time. Haskins is known to be pretty sloppy in the ring and hasn't been on TV since January. If Aries vacates the belt, the only guy left is Zema Ion.

    It's unlikely TNA would send Douglas Williams, Eric Young, Robbie E or anyone else down the card to fight for the X strap.

    I've tried to come up with a list of wrestlers who could revitalize the weakened division. These won't be your obvious choices (Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Jack Evans, insert widely known name here, etc.), either.

    I'm looking for guys who haven't had the luxury of appearing on worldwide television every week of the year. Here's a few of my finds.


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    I couldn't call this slide "Honorable Mentions" because there's still so many wrestlers I don't know about. I listed these four guys here because I'm not entirely sure on them and was hoping to get some reactions.


    Jessie Godderz (Pictured)

    If he looks familiar, you've either seen him on the TV show Big Brother or in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

    Godderz is a body builder and is actually signed to a deal with IMPACT Wrestling already. The deal, though, has Godderz training in OVW before making his IMPACT debut (whenever that may be).

    As mentioned, he is a body builder, but he makes the weight. The X Division weight limit is 225 lbs, and Godderz is just five pounds below it.

    He's not a surefire X Division wrestler, but that didn't stop Douglas Williams, Abyss, Robbie E or Kurt Angle from holding the championship, now did it?

    Godderz is one of the more charismatic guys on the OVW roster. He's a multi-time Tag Team Champion and OVW's official site has billed him as the next sure thing. Check out their story on him.


    Rudy Switchblade

    Here is Jessie Godderz's tag team partner, Rudy Switchblade.

    Switchblade doesn't look or really wrestle the X Division style, but at 210 lbs, he'll be able to compete in the division. He's more of a technically sound wrestler and has many wins in OVW courtesy of submission-based moves.

    Switchblade is a multi-time Tag Team Champion with Godderz and a former OVW Heavyweight Champion. I think Switchblade has what it takes to be in TNA, but I'm not so sure if he'll be a favorite in the X Division.


    Chris Silvio

    Former OVW Television Champion Chris Silvio is one of my favorite OVW wrestlers.

    He's small, he can go high-risk and he pretty much fits the X Division mold. To use a quote from, Silvio can be described as...

    In that time Silvio has held over a dozen championships and continues to be a dominant force in OVW. Silvio combines speed, technical ability, and strength with high flying ability unmatched by any OVW superstar.  Silvio will put his body on the line without hesitation to ensure victory.

    Silvio's latest match was a good one in OVW. He fought Cliff Compton in a match that showcased his ability.


    Peter Avalon

    I've only watched one match from Avalon, to be honest. And that's also the reason why he's on this slide with Godderz, Switchblade and Silvio. I haven't seen much from Avalon, but from what I did see, I was quite impressed.

    In his latest match on NWA Hollywood, Avalon displayed some nice high-flying moves to pick up, in my mind, an upset victory over Willie Mack.

    For more on Peter Avalon, here's a match he had against "Hollywood's Own" Joey Ryan.

Famous B

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    Here's a guy that has caught my attention in NWA Hollywood (I've grown to like NWA Hollywood recently, if you haven't noticed).

    Famous B doesn't really look like your typical high-flyer. That's what grabbed my attention. If you watch his latest in NWA Hollywood, you'll see what I mean.

    Take the time out to watch his match (linked above) and I think you'll be impressed, too.

    He caught air on that cross-body, pulled off a nice hurricanrana and how could you not like the ending to that match? His taunt after that kick was priceless! 

    Here's a nice video of Famous B before we head into the next slide.

Alex Koslov

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    I could be wrong, but I believe that picture was taken during his time in FCW.

    Here's a little bonus—one of his many trainers was WWE's Daniel Bryan. Just throwing that into the mix.

    Koslov may be remembered for participating in the 2008 TNA World X Cup alongside Doug Williams, Tyson Dux and Sheik Abdul Bashir. 

    Koslov is a two-time AAA Cruiserweight Champion and was quite popular during his AAA days.

    Watching this short video, you can see how talented Koslov is. And if you liked that video, here's an even longer one!

    In short, Alex Koslov got talent.

Scorpio Sky

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    The current NWA Hollywood Television Champion, Scorpio Sky.

    Scorpio Sky is a great high-flyer, as you can see from this video. In the past, Sky has put on great matches in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Wrestling Society X and NWA Hollywood.

    He's wrestled all over the world in places like the U.S., England, Japan, Germany and more. He's held tons of championships in other wrestling promotions and never ceases to impress.

    He is the current reigning (and inaugural) NWA Hollywood TV Champion. He's held that belt for close to 300 days now.

    Scorpio Sky would be a great asset to the X Division if he's signed by TNA.

TJ Perkins

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    I like to think that TJ Perkins is pretty well known.

    At a young age, Perkins has already wrestled around the world. He's currently a member of the Ring of Honor roster but has been seen as his masked persona, Puma.

    Perkins appeared as Puma at TNA Victory Road and also took part in the 2008 TNA World X Cup. He's had several tryouts for WWE and TNA, but it's a mystery why he isn't signed to either one yet.

    With his high-flying ability, TJ Perkins is one of the most exciting guys out there.

Brian Cage

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    How about that GMSI or Weapon X?

    Brian Cage was another guy I was instantly impressed with upon watching NWA Hollywood. 

    He has some move set, as you can see in the video posted.

    He can be seen on Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or NWA Hollywood, but I'd love to see him in TNA's X Division. The Ultimate X match almost seems as if it was custom made for him.


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    His nickname is "The Man Gravity Forgot," and for good reason. Have you watched the video?

    If you thought Jack Evans was like watching a video game character in real life, what's that make Pac? This guy had the crowd standing on their feet for everyone of those insane moves in the video. And yes, you did see him kicking AJ Styles' ass, too.

    There's not a dull moment when Pac is in the ring, and nothing would say "the X Division matters" more than adding him to the roster.

Willie Mack

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    Twenty-five years old, 5'10" and 245 lbs. 

    Throw that damn X Division weight limit right out the window. Willie Mack is one of my favorite guys to watch in the Indy scene. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or NWA Hollywood, this guy delivers.

    Think of Willie Mack as Samoa Joe during 2005 or 2006 without the submission game.

    Willie Mack is one agile big man. Don't believe me? Watch this.

    Are all of you Willie Mack fans now? Good. With that video and skill set, you should be.

    The size, power and speed of this guy just makes up a perfect package. "Chocolate Thunder" Willie Mack is of a rare breed of wrestlers. 

    And you thought comparing him to 2005-2006 Samoa Joe was extreme? After watching that video, how can you not be a fan of his?!

The End

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    What an exciting slideshow. So many great videos of talented high-flying wrestlers...What better way to end it than with an image of the famous Ultimate X?

    I know I covered a very small group of wrestlers here, but I'd love to hear of any other wrestlers I could've and should've listed.

    Any recommendations or suggestions? Who do you want to see in the X Division?


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