The Top 10 Quarterbacks in 2008

Joe HastenContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

The position of quarterback is one of the most important elements of a football team. From him steams the rest of the offense. He is the motivational leader of the team and cannot be overlooked.

The quarterback sparks the rest of the offense. He needs to get the ball to the receiver in order to make a big play. He sparks the running game by forcing defenses to play off the line.

Here is a tribute to the best quarterbacks of the 2008 regular season.


No. 10 Tony Romo

When Terrell Owens came to Dallas, many people expected trouble. This prognosticate came true. The victim this time was Tony Romo. True he busted his thumb, but he was still throwing darts to Owens and Witten. They were jealous of his success and decided to betray him.

Owens went from crying to the antagonist reporters to joining them by bashing Romo. However, Romo still tried to win games and threw catch-able passes to ungrateful Owens. His numbers were still impressive, 26 touchdowns, despite these distractions.


No. 9 Eli Manning

The younger Manning had a very good season. He had 21 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions. The reason why he is only No. 9 is because of his leadership. When Plaxico shot himself and was suspended for the season, Manning and the Giants completely spiraled downward.

True they had that big home-field-clinching win against Carolina, but obviously Carolina was overrated. The Giants did not have much depth at wide receiver, so they fell tragically to the Eagles.


No. 8 Donovan McNabb

McNabb had a very good season. True he made some bone-head comments (Ties?) off the field, but on the field he was ingenious. However, his performances against sub-par teams was terrible. He tied the Cincinnati Bengals? That is almost unforgivable.

If he would have beaten the Cardinals in the NFC championship game, then this list would be different, especially since he had 23 touchdowns, but he choked. He may be the second best quarterback to never win a ring (Dan Marino is first on that list)


No. 7 Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan deserves his rookie of the year award. He completely turned the Falcon franchise around. Without Michael Vick, the Falcons needed a new quarterback with great intelligence and a better arm. On his first pass attempt, he threw a touchdown.

He threw 15 more to lead the Falcons to the playoffs. Looks like a great start to a Hall of Fame career.


No. 6 Ben Roethlisberger

Another ring for Big Ben. This time, he looked like an experienced NFL caliber quarterback. He is the main component of an underrated offense. Even without quick Willie Parker, Ward getting injured, and Holmes possessing drugs, he still had a 15-4 record. (including post-season obviously) He is a true leader.

However, his stats are not so great only 17 touchdowns and 15 picks. He is still a great quarterback because of his intelligence.


No. 5 Jay Cutler

Young Jay Cutler has come a long way. He was once a young kid who ran out of breath constantly, and made poor decisions with the football. Now he knows his problem ( diabetes) has taken medication, and helped Brandon Marshal emerge as one of the great wide receivers in the NFL.

He threw 25 touchdowns, and almost made the playoffs even with an awful defense. (how often can you say that about Denver's D?) He still needs to make the playoffs if he wants to join the quarterbacks at the very top of the list.


No. 4 Peyton Manning

Why did he get the MVP? Honestly, I am a Colts fan, but as an unbiased reporter, I need to question this decision. He started the season with two surgeries, and healed four weeks into the season. Once he was on form, the Colts did not lose a game.

However, when the Colts just needed one first-down to beat the Chargers and advance in the playoffs, he got sacked. He had a good season, but not his best, and defiantly not the best in the NFL. He had 27 touchdowns, not the best in the league, 4000 yards, not the best in the league, and a 12-4 record, not the best in the league.

He lead no categories, and does not deserve to be even close to No. 1.


No. 3 Drew Brees

Drew Brees did have the most yards in the NFL. The way that he throws the ball is he aims at the eyes so that his receivers can see the ball into their hands. This is why he has such a high completion percentage.

However, he did not make the playoffs, so he does not rank in the top two. He could have been the MVP if only the Saints could win more games.


No. 2 Philip Rivers

Rivers is probably the most under rated quarterback in the NFL. He had the most touchdowns in the league, and he did not even make the Pro bowl. He lead his team to the playoffs by throwing to players like Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd.

He did not have much help from LT, and he still had a great season. I would have made him No. 1, but this guy had an even better season.


No. 1 Kurt Warner

This guy is older than Mike Tomlin, but he still has not lost a step. True he only need to throw the ball within five yards of Larry Fitzgerald to make a completion, but he also has the qualities of a quarterback.

When he threw that dangerous pass to Boldin against the New York Jets which injured Boldin, Warner took responsibility. He felt awful for making the wrong read, and vowed to never put his player in that kind of danger again.

That is true leadership. Also, he had the worst rushing offense in the NFL in the regular season, and was still able to make it to the Super Bowl. He has every quality of a great quarterback, and deserves to be on the top of this list, no questions asked.