Most Jaw-Dropping Moments of the 2012 NBA Playoffs

Haddon Anderson@HaddonAndersonAnalyst IJune 16, 2012

Most Jaw-Dropping Moments of the 2012 NBA Playoffs

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    The NBA Playoffs always feature drama and this season has been no different.

    In fact, this year's playoffs have been laced with drama from start to finish. Whether it was Derrick Rose's injury in the opening game of the playoffs or Kevin Durant's dominance throughout the playoffs, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping moments.

    Here's a list of the top moments, featuring videos, from the 2012 playoffs. 

Slam Duncan on Serge Ibaka

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    Tim Duncan turned back the clock on this power slam.

    In the past few years, rarely have we seen Duncan hammer down a jaw-dropping dunk, but he did just that in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

    What makes this jam even more impressive is that it came against Thunder forward Serge Ibaka, who led the league in blocked shots this season.

    Despite the fact that the Spurs were later ousted by the Thunder, this dunk reveals there's still plenty left in the tank of Slam Duncan.

Kevin Durant Nails Game-Winner Against Lakers

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    Get used to seeing Kevin Durant in this slideshow.

    With this shot, Durant sent a dagger into the heart of the Los Angeles Lakers. This crucial shot propelled the Thunder to a crucial game 4 victory, giving them a 3-1 advantage in the series. 

    They ended up closing out the Lakers in the following game and now find themselves in the NBA Finals.

Rajon Rondo Disses Heat

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    Rajon Rondo raised many eyebrows throughout the playoffs with his remarkable point guard play.

    He also raised eyebrows with the comments he made at halftime of game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. 

    He specifically called out the Miami Heat, stating this when asked about how the Celtics were exploiting the Heat, "Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition."

    Rondo definitely speaks his mind and in this game, he backed it up on the floor, notching the victory and finishing with 15 points and 15 assists.

Durant's Game Winner in Playoff Opener

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    And...another game-winner from KD. 

    This came in the Thunder's opening game of the playoffs. They were trailing the defending champion Dallas Mavericks (who ousted Oklahoma City in last year's playoffs) by one point, and Durant got the friendly roll on this waning seconds jumper.

    This shot gave the Thunder a game 1 win and sparked them to a sweep of the Mavs.

LeBron and D-Wade Combine for 70 Against Indiana

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    Down 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Indiana, the Heat were in dire need of a win.

    LeBron James and Dwayne Wade responded emphatically by combining for 70 points and carrying Miami to a win that dramatically shifted this series.

    The performances of James and Wade were undoubtedly jaw-dropping, and there were a plethora of jaw-dropping moments throughout this game. When this duo plays like this, nobody can stop them.

The Bearded One Gives the Spurs a Dagger

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    The Spurs desperately needed a stop to prevent the Thunder from taking game 5 in their building. They couldn't have played better defense on James Harden, but with this shot by "The Bearded One" revealed why he's a budding superstar.

    This three gave the Thunder a commanding five-point lead with less than a minute remaining. Oklahoma City took this game and then headed home, where they wrapped up the series in game 6.

Rondo Tallies 44 Points and 10 Assists in Loss to Miami

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    Rajon Rondo had everything clicking in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Somehow, it still wasn't enough.

    Rondo was uncharacteristically cashing shots from the outside while still driving the lane and finding open teammates. In this game, Rondo became the first ever Celtic (and there are many great Celtics) to tally 40+ points and 10+ assists in the playoffs.

    It's safe to say this was one of the most eye-opening performances of this year's playoffs.

Thunder Roar Back in Game 2 Against Lakers

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    You don't see Kobe Bryant allow leads like this to slip away very often, but this rare instance happened at the most inconvenient time for the Lakers.

    The Thunder finished this game 2 on a 9-0 run, giving them a 2-0 lead in the series. It's surely easy for Lakers fans to wonder how this series would've been much different if the Lake Show would've held onto their lead and gotten this victory.

Derrick Rose's Injury

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    This moment was jaw-dropping for all the wrong reasons. Reigning MVP Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the final moments of the Bulls' opening game against Philadelphia.

    This moment was not only depressing for Chicago fans, but also for the league. The playoffs would've been much different this year if D-Rose had been around. 

    Quite frankly, we would very likely be watching the Bulls take on the Thunder in the NBA Finals if Rose never would've gotten hurt.

Clippers Unforgettable Comeback Against Grizzlies

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    While this was just a first-round game, you can't overlook a 27-point second-half comeback. That's simply amazing.

    Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Nick Young rallied the Clippers in the fourth quarter to pull off this improbable comeback. This victory ended up being crucial, as the Clips went on to win this series in seven games.

45 for LeBron in Boston

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    On the verge of being eliminated, LeBron James carried the Miami Heat to a convincing win in Boston, a place where he's previously struggled in his career.

    His 45 points, on a remarkable 19-26 shooting, brought this series even at three games apiece. The Heat went on to take game 7, and people have quickly pointed to LeBron's incredible game 6 performance as the decisive point in this series.

KD Outshines LeBron in Game 1 of the Finals

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    LeBron James did have 30 points, but Kevin Durant took over in crunch time, tallying 17 fourth quarter points and finishing with 36 for the game.

    You couldn't help but sit back and watch with a wide-open jaw as Durant took this game over. Moreover, this matchup between KD and LeBron is beyond compelling. We could be on the brink of the next great rivalry in the NBA, and Durant and James are quite the figures to highlight this new wave.