TNA Impact Wrestling Slammiversary: Potential Hall of Fame Members

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 1, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling Slammiversary: Potential Hall of Fame Members

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    As announced on the live episode of IMPACT, TNA is planning on having a Hall of Fame!

    Dixie Carter made the announcement, and the first member of this Hall of Fame will be announced at Slammiversary on June 10 in Arlington, Texas.

    A Hall of Fame is a great way for TNA to recognize and embrace its past. I've written a previous slideshow about which TNA wrestlers could one day make the Hall of Fame (if one were to be created—I wrote it a year ago. You can read it here, by the way).

    Now that the announcement has been made and the decision is final, who will be in the Hall of Fame? Who will be the inaugural member? I've made up a list of former TNA stars that have a shot at achieving such an honor.


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    What better way to start this list than with "The Icon," Sting

    The man is already recognized as a legend in the eyes of fans, and being announced as the inaugural member in the TNA Hall of Fame would solidify his spot as one of the greatest stars to have ever stepped foot in TNA.

    Sting has been with TNA for many, many years. He's a multi-time World Champion and former Tag Team Champion. He led the most dominant assembly of superstars in a little stable known as the Main Event Mafia.

    Sting has definitely shown his loyalty to TNA. He's denied several WWE contracts throughout the years, and has a very close relationship with TNA President Dixie Carter.

    Sting tried to be Impact General Manager, but he couldn't stay out of the ring. And for someone his age (53), he still moves pretty damn good in that ring.

    Sting is a sure-fire TNA Hall of Famer—it's only a matter of when he'll be inducted.


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    Raven was one of TNA's earliest main event superstars.

    Raven became a one-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and won the very first King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary in 2005.

    He has had memorable feuds and matches with the likes of Abyss, Monty Brown, Jeff Hardy, Sabu and many more.

    Raven has quite the history with TNA and is definitely capable of being named a TNA Hall of Famer one day.

Elix Skipper

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    This one seems like more of a stretch than the others, but Elix Skipper did provide one of the most memorable moments in TNA's 10 year history.

    Yes, I'm talking about Skipper's famous "cage walk" from Turning Point.

    Skipper joined TNA in 2002 and stuck around for six years. Throughout the years, Skipper proved himself to be quite the athletic talent.

    Skipper, along with Christopher Daniels and Low Ki, formed the group known as "Triple X." Three of the best X Division wrestlers to ever grace a TNA ring formed a group and became three-time NWA Tag Team Champions.

    Skipper was also a part of the winning team in the 2004 TNA World X Cup.

    I like to think of Skipper as one of the best X Division wrestlers that has never held the X Division Championship. Skipper can arguably be called the greatest African American wrestler in TNA's history, and I wouldn't mind seeing a little "Prime Time" at Slammiversary one day.

Mick Foley

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    I'm not sure whether "The Hardcore Legend" has a Legends contract with WWE or not. If not, Foley is definitely in the running for a TNA Hall of Fame spot at Slammiversary.

    Mick Foley has been co-owner, World Champion, and Legends Champion within TNA. Foley also appeared as a Network Executive for Spike TV, and is the man who renamed "TNA iMPACT!" to "Impact Wrestling."

    Foley put on some classic performances despite his age. He has made history during his time in TNA and a Hall of Fame spot is waiting with his name on it.

Don West

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    That's right, I listed "DW" Don West.

    Don West was brought into TNA as one of their original commentators. Partnered with Mike Tenay, West would bring charisma and excitement to the announcer's table.

    Outside the booth, West also appeared on TNA Today with Jeremy Borash to promote his merchandise sales and patent, "Insane Daily Deals".

    After being promoted and leaving the commentary booth (replaced by Taz), Don West  focused much more on TNA's merchandizing, and had a brief run as Amazing Red's manager.

    He's been a big player in and all of their "Insane Deals" and "Brown Bag Specials."

    Don West is due to leave TNA later this month after his contract expires, but is leaving on good terms. According to WrestlingINC, many in the backstage area of the Impact Zone feel that Don West has left big shoes to fill in the merchandise business sector of TNA.

    And with four DVDs, two action figures and one t-shirt all in his "Brown Bag Special," how can you go wrong with DW?

    Inducting West into the TNA Hall of Fame would be the ultimate send-off.

Kevin Nash

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    What's to say about "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash?

    The man was with TNA from 2004 to 2010 and did many memorable things.

    Kevin Nash was the big man behind the Paparazzi Championship Series between Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Starr, Alex Shelley and Senshi.

    Nash was a member of TNA's most dominant stable in history, the Main Event Mafia, with superstars such as Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T and Scott Steiner.

    Nash is a two-time Legends Champion and a one-time TNA Tag Team Champion.

    Kevin Nash had quite the storied history while in TNA and, one year, we could very well see "Big Sexy" in the Hall of Fame.

Hulk Hogan

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    I know he's not the popular choice, but you have to come to the realization that Hulk Hogan will one day be considered for the TNA Hall of Fame.

    I can definitely see Hogan getting a spot in the TNA Hall of Fame because of name recognition, however, it's too soon for "Hulkamania" to run wild in the Hall of Fame, especially if he's the very first inductee. There are many more deserving guys.

    Still, Hulk Hogan has been so influential within Impact that it's almost impossible for him not to get into the newly founded Hall of Fame.

    As I said earlier, I feel like there are better candidates for the honor and TNA can wait until they add Hogan into the club.

Jerry Lynn

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    Jerry Lynn wrestled in the very first match under the TNA banner.

    Lynn was a major factor in the early days of TNA and the X Division. He's a two-time X Division Champion, a two-time NWA Tag Team Champion, World X Cup winner, and a legend in his own right.

    When Jerry Lynn returned to TNA for Destination X last year, many fans were excited to see him back. He was welcomed back with open arms and placed into a nice feud with Rob Van Dam that would carry on until Bound For Glory.

    Jerry Lynn has done so much for TNA and it'd be a shame if he's not a top candidate for the Hall of Fame spot this year.

Mike Tenay

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    "The Professor."

    "The voice of the fans" Mike Tenay.

    TNA has been around for nearly 10 years now, and Mike Tenay has announced every TNA match since its inception.

    Tenay has been through it all with TNA, sitting mere feet from the ring week after week.

    Mike Tenay is an award winning commentator and the best to ever sit behind a TNA broadcast table.


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    Rhino was another early-TNA established main event talent.

    At Bound For Glory 2005, TNA relied on Rhino a lot. He won a four-way Monster's Ball match, a No. 1 Contenders Battle Royal and a NWA World Heavyweight Championship main event match against Jeff Jarrett.

    Three matches, three wins, in one night.

    Rhino had big feuds with Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and many more.

    He's a former NWA World Champion and TNA Turkey Bowl Champion. He's "The War Machine." He is Rhino. 

Jeff Jarrett

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    This may be the most obvious choice, but it's an absolute must.

    Jeff Jarrett must be the man inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame on June 10 at Slammiversary in Texas. Jeff Jarrett is the co-founder (along with his dad, Jerry) of TNA.

    Jarrett has watched his company grow throughout its 10 long years. 

    "Double J" is a six-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and a two-time King of the Mountain winner.

    Throughout the years, Jarrett has been a great worker for TNA. He's produced many great feuds and matches with Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rhino, AJ Styles, Monty Brown and much more.

    On the day of TNA's 10 year anniversary, it's only right that the founder of the company gets recognized as the very first TNA Hall of Famer.