St. Louis Rams Fans Sound Off: What Did Rams Fans Have to Say in May?

David Heeb@@DavidHeebCorrespondent IMay 30, 2012

St. Louis Rams Fans Sound Off: What Did Rams Fans Have to Say in May?

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    St. Louis Rams fans have a lot on their mind.

    As the calendar flips over to June, I took a look back at some of the topics we discussed in May. One thing I tried to do with my articles in May was poll Rams fans and get their opinions. After more than 30 articles and 100,000 readers, there was certainly a lot of material to sort through.

    Here is the breakdown of the feedback I got from Rams fans in the month of May.

Which Player Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Rams Offense?

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    In our early look at the Rams offense, I asked which player would make the biggest impact on the offense in 2012. More than 1,300 Rams fans voted, with 47 percent of them voting for Sam Bradford.

    Steven Jackson finished second at 19 percent.

What Is Your Opnion of the Rams Offense?

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    I asked Rams fans for their opinion on the state of the Rams offense. After more than 1,200 votes, over 44 percent said the offense is a lot better, but probably still a year away from being good.

Will the Rams Make the Playoffs?

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    It's been almost a month since I first asked the question, "Will the Rams make the playoffs this year?" After more than 1,200 votes, over 56 percent said no.

Who Will Win the NFC West?

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    After all the changes the Rams made, I asked the simple question, 'Have the Rams caught the Niners in the NFC West?" With more than 1,300 people voting, 51 percent of fans said the Niners would win the NFC West in 2012.

When Do You See the Rams Being a Legitmate Super Bowl Contender?

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    With more than 1,300 fans voting, 42 percent said the Rams would be ready in 2014, and 28 percent said the Rams would be ready to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy in 2013.

Who Will Be the Starting Strongside Linebacker?

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    With the Rams having a gaping hole at strongside linebacker, I asked Rams fans if there was a starting linebacker in this class of undrafted free agents. More than 1,400 Rams' fans voted, and they were torn between Aaron Brown (31.6 percent) and Sammy Brown (28.6 percent).

Who Will Be the Rams' Starting Corners?

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    With the additions of Cortland Finnegan, Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson, I made the bold prediction that the Rams secondary had gone from "worst to first." This article got a ton of feedback, especially from Seattle fans!

    I polled Rams fans about the starting corners in 2012, and with more than 2,500 fans voting, over 72 percent of them said Jenkins and Finnegan would be the starters.

Where Does the Rams Secondary Rank Right Now?

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    More than 2,200 fans voted, with 47 percent saying the Rams had the best secondary in the NFC West. Over 13 percent said the Rams had the best secondary in the NFC, and just under 9 percent said the Rams would have the best secondary in the NFL.

    If you add it up, over 70 percent of fans said the Rams secondary was going to be really good!

What Level Do You See Sam Bradford Playing at in 2012?

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    I discussed the season Bradford might have in 2012, and I asked what kind of season the fans thought Bradford would have. More than 1,300 people voted, with over 46 percent of fans saying Bradford would be an above-average NFL starting QB in 2012, and almost 32 percent of fans saying Bradford would play at a Pro Bowl level in 2012.

How Do You Expect the Rams O-Line to Play in 2012?

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    In one of my favorite articles of the month, I talked about offensive line coach Paul Boudreau and his impact on the Rams' offensive line in 2012. With close to 900 fans voting, almost 41 percent of fans said the O-line would keep Bradford clean and that Steven Jackson would run for more than 1,000 yards.

    Better yet, 44 percent of fans were even more optimistic, saying the line would give Bradford enough time that he would play at a Pro Bowl level and would also enable Jackson to run for more than 1,250 yards.

Who Ya' Got: Bradford or RG3?

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    This was another article that drew a lot of feedback and criticism. Rams fans didn't like me asking this question. In light of the bounty of picks the Rams got for trading back, and then trading again, I think it's a fair question.

    Which core group would you rather move forward with: Bradford and a ton of draft picks, or should the Rams have traded Bradford to the Redskins instead? What if the Rams were moving forward with RG3 and a package of picks the Rams got for Bradford, instead of Bradford and the package of picks they got for RG3?

    After more than 1,200 votes, Rams fans sounded off loud and clear (68 percent) that they would rather have Bradford plus all the draft picks.

    For the record, I am a big believer in Bradford, and I love the direction the Rams are headed in.

What Will the Rams' Final Record Be?

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    After oddsmakers predicted the Rams would finish 2-14, I wanted to get Rams fans opinion on that prediction. After more than 1,100 votes, over 41 percent of the voters said the Rams would finish 6-10, with another 32 percent saying the Rams would finish 8-8. That is over 73 percent of Rams fans basically saying the team is at least going to be watchable this season!

Would STL Fans Still Root for the Rams in Los Angeles?

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    It's a simple question: Would St. Louis Rams' fans still root for the team if they moved to Los Angeles? A lot of our L.A. Rams fans have stayed true to the franchise when it moved to St. Louis, and they weighed in loud and clear on this article, as it was one of the most commented on of the month.

    With more than 700 votes counted, just over 65 percent of fans said they would still root for the Rams in Los Angeles.

    I found it very interesting that over 10 percent of the voters said if the Rams moved to L.A. that they would stop watching NFL games altogether.

What's Sammy Brown Going to Do in 2012?

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    Sammy Brown is a very talented player, but his lack of effort caused him to go undrafted. I wrote this article about Brown being on a mission at Rams' camp.

    I asked the simple question: What's going to happen to Brown in 2012? Almost 700 fans voted, and over 57 percent said Brown would make the Rams' final 53-man roster, while 34 percent of fans said Brown would not only make the roster, but would be a starting linebacker.

Where Will the Rams Be in Five Years?

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    As all the details of the Rams' proposal for changes to the dome came out, I wrote this article and asked the question, "Where will the Rams be in five years?" More 500 people voted. The final tally said 64 percent of fans thought the Rams would stay in St. Louis, and 36 percent thought the Rams would move to L.A.

What Role Will Barry Richardson Play in 2012?

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    When the Rams signed Barry Richardson, I thought it was a great move. He has two years or starting experience for the Chiefs at right tackle. Since both of the Rams' starting tackles missed a lot of time due to injuries last season, this was a very subtle, but very important move.

    I asked Rams' fans what role they saw for Richardson in 2012. More than 600 people voted, with 58 percent of fans predicting Richardson would be a backup tackle. Almost 20 percent said Richardson would move over to left guard and win the starting job, while over 14 percent said Richardson would beat out Jason Smith for the starting right tackle job.

Will the Rams Break the All-Time Sack Record?

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    Jeff Fisher challenged the Rams to break the sack record, so I asked Rams fans if they thought the team could actually pull this off. After more than 1,200 votes, almost 67 percent said no.

    I don't think the Rams will break the sack record, but I do think the combination of the secondary and the front four could produce one of the best sack totals in the NFL.

Which Receiver Will Have the Best Season in 2012?

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    The Rams brought in a couple of talented rookie receivers in Brian Quick and Chris Givens. Throw in Danny Amendola, back from injury, and Steve Smith, brought in via free agency, and this is a totally different set of receivers for Bradford to throw to compared to 2011.

    I asked Rams fans, "Who will be the best receiver in 2012?" After almost 1,700 votes, just over 36 percent of the voters said Quick would be the best receiver, while 33 percent said it would be Amendola. Steve Smith got only 11.7 percent of the votes.

    I think if Smith is healthy, he will emerge as the best receiver out of this bunch.

Yes or No? Should the Rams Give Albert Haynesworth a Shot?

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    This was my most recent article, so there are only 300 votes thus far. Rams fans are split right down the middle, with 50.2 percent saying "yes" and 49.8 percent saying "no."

    Personally, I think giving Haynesworth a shot would be a great move, as long as the contract favors the Rams.

So What Does It All Mean?

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    So if you add it all up, I got a lot of positive feedback on the Rams offensive line, the secondary, the improved receiving corps, Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson and the young linebackers. Right now, it seems like moral is good for Rams fans.

    Even better news: May is almost over now, which means that's one less month we have to wait until football starts!

    As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for all your feedback.