St. Louis Rams: Oddsmakers Have Rams Going 2-14

David HeebCorrespondent IMay 10, 2012

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 12:  Sam Bradford #8 of the St. Louis Rams is surrounded by the Seattle Seahawks defense at CenturyLink Field December 12, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. Seattle won 33-13. (Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images)
Jay Drowns/Getty Images

The offseason brings hope to every team in the NFL. With free agency and the draft, every team gets a chance to fill in a few roster holes and hopefully get some injured players ready to start the new season healthy.

In April and May, hope springs eternal in the NFL. Right now, everybody is undefeated.

So today, we all think our team has a chance to make the playoffs. That's what we're supposed to think, because we're fans, right? We are supposed to believe that our struggling right tackle is finally going to be the player we thought he'd be when we used the No. 2 overall pick in the draft to take him. We are supposed to think that this coaching staff, and this new GM, aren't going to make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

But what about the people who make their money by being objective?

Today I came across this interesting article where Cantor Gaming has released betting odds for the NFL season. So forget what us fans think right now. For just a minute, let's "put our money where our mouth is" and see what the oddsmakers are saying.

Week 1: Rams @ Detroit, LOSS

Week 2: Rams vs. Washington, LOSS

Week 3: Rams @ Chicago, LOSS

Week 4: Rams vs. Seattle, LOSS

Week 5: Rams vs. Arizona, WIN

Week 6: Rams @ Miami, LOSS

Week 7: Rams vs. Green Bay, LOSS

Week 8: Rams vs. New England (game played in London), LOSS

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Rams @ San Francisco, LOSS

Week 11: Rams @ NY Jets, LOSS

Week 12: Rams @ Arizona, LOSS

Week 13: Rams vs. San Francisco, LOSS

Week 14, Rams @ Buffalo, LOSS

Week 15, Rams vs. Minnesota, WIN

Week 16, Rams @ Tampa Bay, LOSS

Week 17: Because of uncertainty concerning which starters might suit up for the final week of the regular season, Week 17 lines were not available. So I'll call this one, Rams @ Seattle, LOSS.


So the bad news is, the oddsmakers are saying the Rams are going to go 2-14. The good news, they are also saying the Redskins are going to go 4-12.

Hey, at least we'll have two top-five picks, right?