NBA Lottery 2012 Start Time: Which Team Will Get Its Name Called Last?

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIMay 30, 2012

NBA Lottery 2012 Start Time: Which Team Will Get Its Name Called Last?

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    Tonight, May 30 at 8:00 PM, the twenty-seventh annual NBA Draft lottery will take place in Disney/ABC's Times Square Studios in New York and air live on ESPN.

    The Charlotte Bobcats had by far the worst record in the league last season, thirteen games behind the team in second to last, but as we all know that doesn’t mean they will definitely hear their name called last tonight.

    Crazier things have happened, like the Orlando Magic winning the lottery twice in a row in 1992 and 1993 or even as recent as last year when the Cavaliers jumped from eighth to first.

    Here are each team’s odds that they hear their name called last tonight and earn the number one overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. 

13. Houston Rockets

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    2011-2012 Record: 34-32

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 5

    Best Lottery Pick: Yao Ming (1 Overall in 2002)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Alec Kessler (12 Overall in 1990)

    Note: A team with a record over 500. has never won the lottery before.

12. Phoenix Suns

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    2011-2012 Record: 33-33

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 6

    Best Lottery Pick: Amar'e Stoudemire (9 Overall in 2002)

    Worst Lottery Pick: William Bedford (6 Overall in 1986)

    Note: Since Steve Nash joined the Phoenix Suns in 2004, the team has never picked in the top 10 of the draft.

11. Milwaukee Bucks

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    2011-2012 Record: 31-35

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 7

    Best Lottery Pick: Glenn Robinson (1 Overall in 1994)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Marcus Haislip (13 Overall in 2002)

    Note: The Bucks actually drafted Dirk Nowitzki and Stephon Marbury with lottery picks, but both were traded on draft day and never played a single game with the Bucks.

10. Portland Trailblazers

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    2011-2012 Record: 28-38

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 8

    Best Lottery Pick: Martell Webster (6 Overall in 2005)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Greg Oden (1 Overall in 2007)

    Note: One year prior to the start of the lottery, 1984, the Trailblazers passed on future GOAT Michael Jordan with the second overall pick and instead selected Sam Bowie.

9. Detroit Pistons

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    2011-2012 Record: 25-41

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 17

    Best Lottery Pick: Grant Hill (3 Overall in 1994)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Darko Milicic (12 Overall in 2003)

    Note: The last time the Detroit Pistons selected first overall was back in 1970 when they picked Bob Lanier out of St. Bonaventure University.

8. Toronto Raptors

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    2011-2012 Record: 23-43

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 35

    Best Lottery Pick: Tracy McGrady (9 Overall in 1997)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Rafael Araujo (8 Overall in 2004)

    Note: The Toronto Raptors have selected in the lottery seven of the last eight seasons, earning the first overall pick once in 2006.

7. Golden State Warriors

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    2011-2012 Record: 23-43

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 36

    Best Lottery Pick: Mitch Richmond (5 Overall in 1988)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Chris Washburn (3 Overall in 1986)

    Note: The Utah Jazz receive this pick from the Golden State Warriors via the New Jersey Nets if it is not within the top 7 picks of the draft.  

6. Brooklyn Nets

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    2011-2012 Record: 22-44

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 75

    Best Lottery Pick: Derrick Coleman (1 Overall in 1990)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Ed O'Bannon (9 Overall in 1995)

    Note: This pick will be sent to the Portland Trailblazers as part of the Gerald Wallace trade unless the Nets end up picking in the top 3 picks.  

5. Sacramento Kings

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    2011-2012 Record: 22-44

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 76

    Best Lottery Pick: DeMarcus Cousins (5 Overall in 2010)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Bobby Hurley (7 Overall in 1993)

    Note: After the creation of the lottery in 1985, the Sacramento Kings earned a lottery pick ten out of the next eleven seasons and didn't select a single All-Star. 

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

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    2011-2012 Record: 21-45

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 138

    Best Lottery Pick: LeBron James (1 Overall in 2003)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Luke Jackson (10 Overall in 2004)

    Note: Since the lottery began, the Cleveland Cavaliers have selected first overall three times and all three players made the All-Rookie First Team. 

3. New Orleans Hornets

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    2011-2012 Record: 21-45

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 148 (Combined lottery chances for the Hornets' two first round picks)

    Best Lottery Pick: Alonzo Mourning (2 Overall in 1992)

    Worst Lottery Pick Hilton Armstrong (12 Overall in 2006)

    Note: The New Orleans Hornets own their own first round pick, as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves' first round pick which they received via the Los Angeles Clippers in the Chris Paul trade. 

2. Washington Wizards

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    2011-2012 Record: 20-46

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 199

    Best Lottery Pick: John Wall (1 Overall in 2010)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Kwame Brown (1 Overall in 2001)

    Note: Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards made Kwame Brown the first ever high school player drafted with the number one pick in 2001, which turned out to be a huge mistake.   

1. Charlotte Bobcats

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    2011-2012 Record: 7-59

    Lottery Chances (Out of 1,000): 250

    Best Lottery Pick: Emeka Okafor (2 Overall in 2004)

    Worst Lottery Pick: Adam Morrison (3 Overall in 2006)

    Note: Since joining the NBA in 2004, the Bobcats have made a lottery pick in every season except 2010, but never picked number one overall.