Philadelphia 76ers: 7 Things Jrue Holiday Must Do to Blossom into a Star

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMay 22, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: 7 Things Jrue Holiday Must Do to Blossom into a Star

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    The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of young players set as a part of their future, and one specifically important to their grand scheme is Jrue Holiday.

    Holiday, 21 years old, is in the latter end of his third season playing in his third career playoff series. Through gaining experience and playing through the growing pains, Holiday has turned himself into a good NBA point guard with a high ceiling still to reach.

    Holiday has a lot of potential and needs to do these things to unlock it.

Develop Better Court Vision

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    Jrue Holiday definitely sees the floor well, but to develop into a star he needs to be able to see everything.

    Great point guards in this league, like Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, have the most mesmerizing vision where they are able to see things that a normal player wouldn't and are able to spot players in an open spot across the court.

    They're aware of what's going on at all times. Holiday must strive for this perfection.

Drive to the Basket

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    This isn't something major Holiday should focus on, because he is definitely capable. He just needs to incorporate it in his game more.

    Measuring at 6'4", Holiday has favorable size for a point guard. However, he needs to utilize it more.

    Holiday has the skill set to get around defenders and make moves to cut to the basket. Driving to the basket could also lead to drawing fouls and picking up more points from the free-throw line.

Control the Offense

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    Holiday already does this, but he needs to continue to do so night in and night out. 

    It's one great thing to see players portray veteran qualities like leading an offense, but it takes it to the next level when you see things done like that from a young player.

    Throughout the playoffs, Holiday has been very poised and has distributed the ball, averaging just under five assists per game. 

    He orchestrates the offense quite proficiently for a 21-year-old. As his career moves on, his ability can only get better.

Improve Defensive Game

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    This is a huge aspect of the his game Holiday needs to work on. 

    His defensive ability is probably the biggest hole in his game, and needs that to change in order for him to become a complete player.

    This season is where we've seen real damage done to Philadelphia by opposing point guards like Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, Brandon Jennings, Jeff Teague and Tony Parker, all of whom have recorded at least 21 points against the Sixers in a game this season.

    Rondo has clearly been a force hard to stop in this playoff series, and the reason is Holiday's defense.

    Yet there are times in games where Holiday will play tight defense and it's very effective. He has shown he is capable of playing shutdown defense, it just isn't put forth all the time.

Decrease Turnovers

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    This is a problem a lot of young players deal with, but Holiday has been growing out of it. Still, he needs to protect the basketball.

    Last season Holiday averaged almost three turnovers per game, and this year he diminished the number just 2.1. 

    The key to avoiding the turnover problem is just making right decisions with the basketball. You have to be smart is really what it is, and the more Holiday plays, the smarter of a player he will become.

Improve Shot

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    There is no doubt that Holiday has a good jump shot, but if he wants to fully blossom into a star point guard, he needs to excel in certain things. His jumper is a great place to do so.

    Although his field goal percentage slightly dropped form last year, .446 to .432, he is taking more shots per game (12.8 opposed to 12.2) and also slightly making more (5.5 opposed to 5.4). 

    Holiday has definitely improved his three-point game. This season he raised his percentage from last year's .365 to .380. Plus, he has come through in the playoffs with his three-point game, especially in Game 2, where he shot 4-of-6 from the arc.

    Holiday is pretty versatile player, and once he develops a consistent mid-range jumper he will be dangerous to pull up from all ends of the floor.

Finish Strong

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    Being in the playoffs, Philadelphia has asked a lot from Holiday. At key moment down the stretch, he has stepped up and he needs to continue on doing so.

    The Sixers don't have a consistent clutch player, and the clutch factor separates the good players from  the great ones.

    If Holiday wants to achieve higher status, he needs to finish every game strong.