1. The Pelicans will have point guard Jrue Holiday back in the starting lineup tonight after he sat out Wednesday's game vs. Hawks.

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  6. Jrue Holiday back in the starting lineup tonight. Ryan Anderson gets the start for the injured Anthony Davis

  7. Pelicans starting lineup: PF Ryan Anderson. SF Alonzo Gee; SG Eric Gordon, PG Jrue Holiday, C Omer Asik.

  8. Nice quick drive for a layup by Jrue Holiday

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  12. Two brilliant drives from Jrue Holiday to start things off.

  13. Jrue Holiday with two sweet layups there. Pels up 6-2 - Lowery going to the line

  14. Jrue Holiday passes to the woman in the first row...out of bounds Raps ball. #RTZ

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  17. Jrue Holiday with 8 quick points, but Pelicans giving up points on the other end. Raptors lead by 2

  18. Holiday again! How's that Weeknd song go? I can't feel my face when Jrue Holiday gets buckets/but I love it

  19. Tough to stay in rhythm amid minute restriction, but Jrue is 3rd on NOLA in pts per 36 minutes (20.3). Behind Davis 24.4 and...Perkins 20.6

  20. Toronto up, 59-52. No one helping Jrue Holiday who has majority of Pelicans points

  21. Jrue Holiday has 10 pts in first 5:50 of 3Q (all but 2 of NOLA's 3Q pts), but Toronto starting to heat up, takes biggest lead at 59-52

  22. #Pelicans saved most of Jrue Holiday's minutes for 2nd half. He's back in with 8:50 left in 4Q to help try to make a push. Tor 78-63

  23. Jrue Holiday sums up the Pelicans’ insane injury woes very well to @outsidethenba https://t.co/Bu7lPzRyA2 https://t.co/jSn1GA1R3C

  24. Jrue Holiday sums up the Pelicans’ insane injury woes very well to @outsidethenba https://t.co/9O3UA4xi39 https://t.co/FdcoAQt4vt

  25. Jrue Holiday is playing today. https://t.co/zLupLgYWfL

  26. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday cannot get back into this game fast enough.

  27. So I think the #Pelicans have no choice but to play Jrue tonight and rest him tomorrow.

  28. Jrue Holiday goes tonight. Once again, home game portion of a back to back.

  29. Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday starting tonight vs. Nuggets, will not play on Wednesday vs. OKC.

  30. Pelicans starting lineup tonight: SF Alonzo Gee, PF Anthony Davis, C Dante Cunningham, SG Eric Gordon, PG Jrue Holiday.

  31. Nifty little move right there, @Jrue_Holiday11!

  32. Will Barton just drove through Jrue Holiday for a layup. When that's the #Pelicans' best perimeter D hope, it's a bad sign. DEN 69-62, 5:51

  33. Jrue Holiday has only played 13 minutes. There are 10 mins left. He's checking back in. #Pelicans trail 83-77.

  34. Pelicans lineup is Jrue, Douglas, Smith, Babbitt and Ryno. We all expected that to be the 4th quarter lineup in August.

  35. Jrue Holiday said Anthony Davis barley practiced yesterday. Was fighting through even before shoulder injury tonight.

  36. "It's a struggle. It's something we have to fight through." @Jrue_Holiday11 https://t.co/YmD6mlowll https://t.co/E44x4r1299

  37. Jrue Holiday out tonight. Let's see what Westbrook did against the Pelicans without their best defender...ohmygod https://t.co/VX4KB47Wfn

  38. Norris Cole, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Kendrick Perkins and Quincy Pondexter out for Pelicans.

  39. 30 min til Pels-OKC. No KD. No AD. No Jrue Holiday. No Asik. No Tyreke. No Cole. Ish Smith facing Westbrook like https://t.co/0lE6AaDZ0o

  40. Jrue Holiday is playing tomorrow. He’s on that not-updated Pelicans injury reoprt.

  41. Relax, y'all. Jrue is fine. https://t.co/7NjZbRaSlP

  42. Pelicans have guard Jrue Holiday out vs. Spurs, but he is listed as a probable starter.

  43. Pelicans no longer have Jrue Holiday listed as out vs. Spurs. He will be starting for sure.

  44. Jrue Holiday starting tonight, still under 25 minute restriction though

  45. PREGAME: @Jrue_Holiday11 talks about going up against Parker & consistency on the floor - https://t.co/ztC7aJWMiV https://t.co/YTwjZBlFF0

  46. Pelicans starting lineup tonight: SF Alonzo Gee; PF Anthony Davis, C Omer Asik, SG Eric Gordon, PG Jrue Holiday.