NFL 2012 All-Bargain Team: Starters with Cap Hits of $1 Million or Less

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NFL 2012 All-Bargain Team: Starters with Cap Hits of $1 Million or Less
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There's a term in economics used to describe the lag in a worker's rise in productivity compared to his compensation. We say that wages are "sticky," that they don't instantaneously adjust to properly reward output. In no profession would that be more true than those who step between the lines of an NFL field.

Guys in the league don't always get paid what they're worth. Some of them make too much (What's up, Albert Haynesworth?), but the majority of misaligned salaries are skewed in favor of the owners. And they like it that way, in part because when players like that actually do get the big contracts, they don't always live up to expectations (I'm looking at you, Chris Johnson).

Could we build a team out of some of these overachievers? An entire starting lineup of offense and defense? We can. In fact, I have, and it's not a terrible team. Actually, the offense is stacked. Where we'll see some issues is on the defensive side of the ball, as you'll see shortly.

Take a look at this team that I built, using only players with a 2012 cap hit of less than $1 million. You might have some better options or maybe I totally blanked on a guy, or maybe you're using different salary information than I am. Feel free to tear this list apart, like you'd tear coupons out of the Sunday paper...not that you'd use coupons...or still buy newspapers. I guess some people still do that. I think it's cute.

Enough chatter. Let's check out my NFL All-Discount Team.

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