Saturday Night Live: 3 Athletes Who Could Beat Eli Manning's Solid Performance

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 13:  MLB pitcher Brian Wilson arrives at The 2011 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Eli Manning did a surprisingly fantastic job on SNL, but the following three athletes would do an even better job. 

This would be no small feat. For an athlete, Manning brought the house down. There were a few misses, but some fantastic hits. 

Like his "Text Evidence" skit, or the "Little Brothers Program." Despite those hilarious skits, these guys could definitely top him.


Brian Wilson, P, San Francisco Giants

Brian Wilson is a better comedian than he is a closer, and he is a fantastic closer. Wilson kills it in any commercial he is in. 

He has the uncanny ability to bring seriousness to a completely laughable part. And this is not just in a taped setting either. 

Wilson can keep a straight face in his absurd situations in a live setting. Like this fantastic turn on ESPN's College Gameday, or his above appearance on the George Lopez show as a captain. 

Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns

Steve Nash is sneaky. You don't expect the small Canadian to be a dominant basketball player, and you don't expect him to be hilarious. 

Nash has been in plenty of commercials. He has done some funny clips for Vitamin Water, among others. 

He also had the above fantastic spot where he showed us all he was ready to for the X Games.

Still, these are all taped appearances. To truly rock Saturday Night Live you have to be able to do it live, and Nash can do that. 

Check out this spot from Late Night with David Letterman. Nash would absolutely kill on SNL. 


Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings

Allen doesn't have as extensive an acting resume as Nash or Wilson, but there is no doubt he would absolutely kill it. 

Like the other two, he has the ability to maintain a serious persona in absurd situations. Making this even funnier is the fact that the dude is freaking huge. 

It's like you almost don't want to laugh in case he really is being serious and your laughter would offend him. 

Here is a hilarious appearance by Allen on ESPN's the Mayne Event. As I mentioned, he doesn't have the same acting experience. Although he did do a solid job in this EA commercial.

Above all, though, he has shown his poise in live situations on countless talk shows, and the above clip where he interviews the "real" Jared Allen.