2012 New York Jets: An Open Criticism of the Team's Fanbase

Alex GiobbiAnalyst IApril 30, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 26:  Fans of the New York Jets show support for their team outside of Radio City Music Hall during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 26, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

This is an open letter to the Jets fanbase, in particular, the boo birds who have been trashing the Jets all offseason.


For every Jets fan who has been trashing their team this offseason, it has to stop. 

The Jets are not a horrible team, rather, they are a team coming off a down year after two consecutive good ones. 

I'm sure that, pre-lockout, and pre-free agency, you thought that the Jets were once again going to make it to the playoffs, maybe even finally win the AFC Championship. You thought that this was the year that the Curse of Joe Namath was finally going to end.

Well, it didn't happen, and because the Jets finally faltered under Rex Ryan, the media, the opposing fan bases, everyone had a reason to finally bash the Jets after two years of silence.

To save your collective behinds and spare yourselves the criticism of your peers, you went and jumped on the "Criticize the team" bandwagon, a very cowardly move for many of you.

When the offseason rolled in, you were set to criticize every move the Jets made, no matter if it was good or not. While people did have the right to question the re-signing of two or three of the season's worst offenders, like Wayne Hunter, Mark Sanchez, and Nick Folk, you jumped at the chance to blast the team for getting discount wide receiver depth in Chaz Schilens, a quarterback to pressure Sanchez into doing well in Tim Tebow, and safety help in LaRon Landry. You wanted more, you wanted better. You wanted stars. 

May I remind you that the NFL runs on a salary cap and going over cap will result in penalties? The Jets couldn't have gone out and gotten guys like Mario Williams, Vincent Jackson, Michael Bush, etc. They were too pricey.

When the schedule finally came out, many of you were poised to give the team maybe 5-7 wins at best. The Jets have a fairly easy schedule, one that could potentially lead to 9-11 wins. A shame that you copped out on them for that. 

Then came the NFL Draft. Everyone wanted Melvin Ingram out of South Carolina, including me, admittedly. And when he fell into the Jets lap, you thought it was going to be assured the team got him. Well, it didn't happen, and those of you who were upset about it booed, or went to your computer to say that Quinton Coples, the player the team selected, was going to be another version of Vernon Gholston.

As the old saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover. Well, unfortunately, you did. The kid hasn't even played a down in the NFL and you feed him to the lions. You only judge him by a senior year in which his team was in turmoil. His coach had resigned, and he was learning under a new guy. Give him a break.

Add to the fact that you were ready to give the team an F for not drafting who you wanted, and that is just plain cowardly. The Jets made conscious decisions to draft people who they thought would benefit the team in the future, and there wasn't an offensive tackle who they felt would be good enough.

In case you forgot, there are undrafted free agents whom the Jets signed. Maybe they found a gem there.

Anyway, the season is still a few months away, which leaves the Jets with a chance to try and fix the team further. If you don't like the moves they make, either keep it to yourself or switch your allegiance. I'm pretty sure you'd love wearing red, navy, and silver and enjoying a winning season every year.



Alex Giobbi, Correspondent.

P.S. I have enclosed a poll which questions your fan loyalty. Answer wisely.