Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 10 Best Quotes so Far This Season

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIApril 30, 2012

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 10 Best Quotes so Far This Season

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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of those players that you either love him or hate him.

    His on-field actions have led to him being one of the top strikers of recent decades. His off-field actions, well, have given us all a good chuckle.

    The enigmatic striker is known at times to just share his mind, so let's take a look at his 10 best quotes of the season so far.

On Milan's Disallowed Goal

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    "Muntari's goal, which the linesman did not see, is a tragedy for football...An offside, you can make a mistake, but a goal, no."



    Ibrahimovic suggests that Sulley Munatri's disallowed goal in AC Milan's 1-1 draw with Juventus was unfortunate, but won't affect football too much.

    In his own polite kind of way.

On His Future at AC Milan

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    "I am determined to finish this season with Milan...[they] make me smile and the desire to play—my future is here. I have no reason to say anything else."



    Commenting on his future at AC Milan, perhaps the best part about this quote is the fact that Ibrahimovic suggests that he has nothing else to say.

    Now that would be a first.

On His Current Form

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    "I think this is the best season of my career; I think my league form has been more than perfect."



    After all, nobody is able to objectively discuss Ibrahimovic's form than Ibra himself.

    I'm not sure what more than perfect looks like, but I'm sure it's excellent form.

On His Dispute with a Journalist

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    "There are many people who talk without knowing anything and they would do better to shut up."



    The actual quote comes in light of his spat with a female journalist, but for Ibrahimovic, the quote could well have come from any aspect of his exuberant career.

On His Career

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    "I am getting old."



    Perhaps the most accurate thing he's ever actually said. The context is actually regarding Sweden's victory in Euro 2012, if it changes anything.

On Pep Guardiola

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    "There is a person having a problem with me. He's not a man, not telling me what the problem is. But without knowing what the problem is, I will be the man and I will leave."



    Describing now ex-Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, Ibrahimovic somehow makes himself sound like the hero. Which, come to think of it, is how all of his stories go.

On Referees

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    "The game is not about the man in green."



    No, it wasn't Confucius, it actually was the Milan striker who said that one. The quote comes in reference to the penalty given to Barcelona in their Champions League match, but is perhaps the most insightful thing Ibrahimovic has said all year.

On Champions League Conspiracy

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    "It seems like UEFA wants a certain two teams in the Champions League Final. Now I understand how [Jose] Mourinho feels every time he comes to Camp Nou."



    With AC Milan's exit in the Champions League to Barcelona, some players cried. Others vowed to work harder on the training ground.

    Ibrahimovic called it a conspiracy.

    Considering that neither of the two teams in question made the final, this might have been a little bit of an overstatement.

On the Messi vs. Ronaldo Debate

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    "Lionel Messi is all talent, while Cristiano Ronaldo is the product of much training. He [Messi] does not need his right foot though—he only uses his left and he's still the best in the world."



    Just before he called conspiracy, Ibrahimovic took some time out to call Lionel Messi the best player in the world, and then give him some tips to work on for the future.

    Some call it arrogance; others call it stupidity.

    Most just call it Ibrahimovic.

On Life

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    "What the **** are you looking at?"



    The actual context could be anything, but with these majestic seven words, Ibrahimovic not only encapsulates his own outlook on life but effectively shuts down everyone else's at the same time.

    In a way that only the Milan striker can do.

    So love him or hate him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is here to stay, and he's here to share his objective opinion on everything with everyone.

    He is, after all, more than perfect.


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