The Doctor's Weekly SmackDown Recap: The 117 Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  The Celtic Warrior Sheamus during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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This recap is being posted a bit later than normal, but I have a good reason.

I know I start each recap by saying I appreciate the people who come to this column every Monday and Friday night to read my crazy thoughts on the shows, but this week I mean it even more.

On Monday's recap, I asked you to submit ideas for signs I could bring to Extreme Rules since I will be close to the ring on what I am thinking will be the side most commonly shown on camera, and you gave me some amazing suggestions.

So many in fact that I had to sit down with a pen and paper and write down every good suggestion, and there were quite a few to go through. The polls have a limited number of items you can list so here is what I will do. I am posting six polls. I will make three double-sided signs, I am going with two other people so we will all have something to show..

The sign ideas will be grouped into certain categories to avoid too many of the same topics being chosen. Please vote in any or all of the polls for the signs you like best and in 24 hours I will see who the winners are and make those signs. I will post some pics in the coming days after I attend.

I added a few ideas of my own to the polls as well. I tried to group them as best I could but some superstars had more suggestions than others so certain polls will be larger than others.

As I said before, I really appreciate everyone who comes here each week, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap Raw with a long list.

The entries are made up of equal parts humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

I might just be feeling the side effects of some OTC meds I took for my back, but I think I was a little chattier than normal tonight in regards to, well, everything. I hope you like music.

I have games each week as well. Since this week I am focusing on a lot of things in preparation for Extreme Rules I am only doing one game, line of the night. There were some good ones tonight so I thought it would be the best choice.

I try my best to interject some fun and randomness into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the 117 things we learned, loved and hated from the show.

1. Why the hell is Urkel hosting some game show on the beginning of my DVR recording of SmackDown? I had to start watching late because a certain stupid car had to get a dead battery when I was 25 miles away from home.
2. I like the sign that says "I like signs."
3. It looks like they are playing up Josh Mathews being injured on Monday by not having him on commentary tonight.
4. I am having terrible back spasms right now and have been all day, and I am here doing my job. Suck it up, Mathews.
5. Apparently, Daniel Bryan is WWE's jerk of the month. Has Michael Cole ever won that award?
6. Bryan is in the ring talking about how he finally got rid of AJ.
7. Bryan says his loss at WrestleMania should not count because it was AJ's fault.
8. Bryan shows his quick count from the match he officiated on Monday and he slows the tape down trying to claim he was being fair.
9. Ha. He then shows Sheamus in the Yes Lock and he pauses the footage on Sheamus screaming in pain.
10. I see a lot of Yes signs in the crowd but I am hearing boos. I wonder how much editing WWE did.
11. You can hear some fans chanting Yes until Alberto Del Rio's music hits and he comes out in a 2010 Bentley.
12. Am I the only one who thinks WWE cut back on his car budget and that is why he is driving cars that are a few years old these days?
13. Don't get me wrong; I have never even sat in a car as nice as that Bentley, so the cars are still great, just not brand new.
14. Del Rio tries to get a "si" chant going to combat Bryan's "yes" chant, and a lot of fans are chanting along with Ricardo Rodriguez.
15. Also, I want Ricardo to start getting some more time for himself. I always find his enthusiasm to be really funny, and I think he could be a good comedy character if he was on his own.

16. Big Show comes out to make this segment even longer.
17. Show asks if the fans want to chant si or yes and it seems like the crowd is a little more on Del Rio's side, but that could be all due to editing on WWE's part.
18. Show goes to give everyone in the ring a WMD but only Ricardo is left for Show to pummel.
19. Show tells him to calm down and he asks Ricardo if he thinks it's yes or si.
20. Ricardo gets chokeslammed for literally no reason.
21. For once I agree with Cole, Ricky Ricardo did not deserve that.
22. After commercial we get Del Rio vs. Show already in progress and Show is in control.
23. I love when he grabs a guy by the head and pulls them up on the apron.
24. Show hits a huge spear and goes for a chokeslam before Cody Rhodes chop-blocks Show to get Alberto DQ'd.
25. Rhodes grabs a Kendo stick and a chair from under the ring.

26. Hahaha. Cody hits Big Show and all it did was piss Show off.
27. Cody gets a chair knocked out of his hands and Show takes Rhodes' belt and starts whipping Cody's back.
28. That second shot Show gave Rhodes with the belt when Cody was laid out flat looked and sounded really nasty.
29. We get Eve and John Laurinaitis backstage talking about her new role as JL's assistant or secretary or whatever she is.
30. Eve wants all the crew to start wearing name tags.
31. Teddy Long walks up and asks what his role is with the company is now.
32. JL says Teddy is now to report directly to Eve and she orders him to go get a name tag.
33. From where, Eve? You literally just proposed this and now they exist for people to go and get already?
34. We get a replay of Nikki Bella winning the Divas title from Beth Phoenix.
35. OK, I must be going crazy. Lately it seems like every time I see the Bellas I start hearing the Peaches and Herb song "Close Your Eyes" in my head.
36. That may be an old reference so I will include a video for those of you who do not know who Peaches and Herb are.
37. Awesome. I am starting to really like these Damien Sandow videos.
38. He will be debuting next week according to this video. Excellent.
39. What a coincidence, every time I see Alicia Fox I think of "Shake Your Groove Thing," also by Peaches and Herb. Can we get a petition going to make that her entrance music?
40. Foxxy Mama will be facing Nikki Bella in a non-title match.

41. I think its funny that a couple weeks after I stop timing Divas matches for prediction because the Divas matches were so rare, and now we have seen a Divas match on a few shows in a row.
42. Fox gets some nice elevation on a few dropkicks.
43. The twins switch and Brie comes in and wins the match for her sister. Quick, as usual.
44. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are making fun of Yoshi Tatsu backstage.
45. Hey, no need to be racist, guys. Japanese accents are unnecessary from Young and O'Neil.
46. OK, I have to be honest. When Young and O'Neil started mocking Ezekiel Jackson, I had to laugh a little bit. It was stupid in the same way Edge and Christian used to act stupid. In a funny way.
47. Aksana comes up to Teddy and he is wearing the apron of an 1800s milk maid with a giant nametag for some reason.
48. JL and Eve walk in and talk about Antonio Cesaro debuting.
49. Teddy will be on commentary tonight, but he will be at the Teddy table. I am guessing it will be a pre-school table or something stupid to demean him.
50. Yoshi and Jackson are in the ring waiting for their opponents.

51. Why did Yoshi get rid of the mask and face-paint? I liked that look.
52. Ha, I was right. The Teddy table is very demeaning.
53. Teddy is only saying what JL is telling him to say through the headset.
54. JL tells Teddy to say he made a mistake in not hiring Young and O'Neil sooner.
55. Tatsu takes it to Young right away but Young hits a Stun-gun on Tatsu and that lets him tag in O'Neil.
56. The finisher Young and O'Neil hit on Tatsu looked really sloppy.
57. I watched it back in slow motion and Tatsu's head hit the ground before the rest of him because O'Neil held him up for too long instead of slamming at the same time that Young hit him with the clothesline from the middle rope.. Poorly executed and dangerous; I hope Tatsu is all right.
58. I don't want to knock two guys trying to make it, but they should ditch that finisher right away and go with something safer.
59. Even The Road Warriors had accidents performing a similar move and they were one of the most established tag teams of all time. Henry O. Godwinn, real name Mark Canterbury, suffered a terrible neck injury after a botched Doomsday Device from The Road Warriors.
60. Orton is out after the break to talk to Michael Cole about his feud with Kane.
61. I wonder what the Vegas odds would be on Kane making an appearance during this segment?

62. Cole mentions that no wrestler can touch an announcer after what happened to Josh Matthews on Raw, and Randy says if he is pushed he will usually snap.
63. Why in God's name is Jinder Mahal under the impression that he can just confront Randy Orton. There's a pecking order, son.
64. Ha, Orton asks if Mahal is an announcer. I like where this is going.
65. Mahal says "no," and Orton hits an RKO on him.
66. Aksana is out to introduce Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro. No Peaches and Herb for Aksana. She is more of an "I Put a Spell on You" by CCR kind of girl. What do you think, another possible entrance song suggestion right there?
67. I am not sure how I feel about Cesaro's music.
68. What's with the strip of hair on his stomach? Or is it an oddly placed tattoo? I can't tell without my glasses and my back hurts too much to get up and get them. Wow! I am 28, and I sounded like a really old man right there. What is happening to me?
69. Cesaro takes the early advantage over Kidd. He looks to be playing the heel with a couple cheap moves. Surprising given Aksana has been a babyface and now she is aligned with a heel.
70. I like Cesaro's finisher. It is unique. Cesaro beats Kidd in a very short squash.
71. Teddy gets some kind of message from JL and he heads to the ring.
72. I might have to buy that John Laurinaitis shirt at Extreme Rules this weekend.
73. Aksana and Cesaro make out in the ring in front of Teddy Long, who walks off looking dejected.
74. Why are all the people who are right by the ring watching the Tron and not what is actually right in front of them? It just seems odd to pay for a ticket and then watch it on a huge TV in the arena when you are so close to the ring.
75. Khali is out after the break to face Cody Rhodes.

76. Khali overpowers Rhodes right away and hits a huge chop in the corner.
77. Rhodes hits a low dropkick to take control of Khali as he starts working his leg.
78. Cody will probably never be as good of an entertainer as his father, but he might just be better at wrestling someday. Rhodes uses different moves in almost every match except for a few signatures, and he can sell really well, too.
79. He just sold a loss to Khali. He deserves an entire EGOT for that. I really hope that joke lands with someone.
80. Abraham Washington is backstage talking to Ravishing Rosa and the tag champs and Ryback walks up and stares them down.
81. He walks off and AW tries to chase him down to talk business.
82. I know it is unlikely but a Ryback vs. Lesnar feud might be interesting if Ryback can maintain a longer match and actually keep up with a very talented Lesnar.
83. A jobber is in the ring and the Usos are backstage watching the match in anticipation.
84. Where is this angle going with the people watching Ryback and getting excited? Don't they realize they may have to face him someday?
85. The jobber runs down Grand Rapids and the crowd boos him.
86. Cole and Booker laugh pretty hard when he says he will be the first person to beat Ryback.
87. Haha. This kid runs at Ryback and gets swatted back like a fly.
88. I liked the way Ryback hits a big boot and his foot didn't leave the kid's neck until he was on the ground for a four-count.
89. Ryback hits his finisher and wins, destroying another jobber.
90. Ryback just screamed "Give me more!"

91. This guy has size and intensity on his side. Thank God he ditched the Cowboy gimmick when he got hurt. I like this a lot more.
92. We get a replay of AJ going nuts on Natalya last week.
93. AJ is backstage and Matt Striker asks her about her bizarre relationship with Daniel Bryan.
94. Kaitlyn walks up and tries to talk some sense into AJ only to get smacked in the mouth.
95. AJ looks shocked that she did that and Kaitlyn just walks off.
96. I just realized there has been a lot of segments featuring various Divas tonight. Its nice to see a bunch of different Divas getting screen time instead of just the Champion and her challenger.
97. So far we have seen Eve a couple of times, Rosa with her team, The Bellas and Alicia Fox had a match and we had the replay of Natalya and AJ from last week as well as AJ and Kaitlyn backstage.
98. WWE is learning how to use their Divas a little better, and frankly I could not be happier. Put the Divas with charisma in segments and the ones with skill in matches. It is a formula that worked in the Attitude Era and it could work again.
99. Sheamus vs. Mark Henry is after the break.
100. Henry starts off by pushing Sheamus around a bit with his power.

101. After the commercial we see that Henry is still in control of the match.
102. Sheamus comes back and ends up hitting a big DDT for a near-fall.
103. Sheamus looks deranged as he goes for the Brogue Kick but he missed and Henry puts him down with a big clothesline.
104. Sheamus misses a move from the top rope but rolls through and hits the Brogue Kick on the way back towards Henry to get the win.
105. Better match than I expected it to be.
106. Daniel Bryan is on the ramp applauding Sheamus' win.
107. Did WWE just edit in a "No" chant from the crowd?
108. Sheamus calls him to the ring but Bryan does not look like he is in a hurry to go down there.
109. What's this? Sheamus is starting a Yes chant of his own to end the show.
110. I enjoyed SmackDown tonight very much.
111. I think I can say it is a success when there is a Divas match and a match with Khali and neither one really made me want to fast forward...very much
112. Ryback is going to be a mid-card champion by the end of the year. I am calling it now.
113. The Divas seem to be getting some more exposure lately, which is a good thing if done right.
114. Since nothing really occurred to me I think tonight's game will be line of the night. There was a few good ones that stick out to me, so hopefully you guys can find some more.
115. I will pick the best and post a poll on Monday's recap for you to vote on.
116. Make sure to vote in the polls for the signs I should bring to Extreme Rules on Sunday
117. Thanks for reading. Good night, everyone.

FYI, I will not be doing my normal recap list for Extreme Rules like I do for every PPV since I will be at the event instead of at home covering it.

I may end up trying to make some notes to do a mini-list from the site but I have to see how things go since I will also be trying to take some good pictures to feature in my post-show articles as well as show the signs you guys vote on.

On a final note, all week I have been doing an Extreme Rules fan diary which looks back on some great moments I have been able to witness as a wrestling fan. Check out the entries I have done so far below.

Day 1: A Hesitant Fan Gets His Feet Wet

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