WWE: A Plan for the Tag Team Division to Be Reborn (Part 2)

John KindelanAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2012

photo from ringsidereport.net
photo from ringsidereport.net

Addressing the second part of the revitalization of the WWE tag team division, let's look at Friday Night Smackdown. We've met The Thracians on Monday Night Raw, and Primo and Epico now have personalities. See part one of this article series (link at the bottom of this article), and we are about to begin part two.

The show is introduced and we find out that Primo and Epico will be facing a new team, as will The Usos, to continue the new tag team division bonus challenge.

Primo and Epico come to the ring with Rosa leading them in. Cody Rhodes' music hits, and he comes to the stage. His normal hooded leather jacket is a bit longer this time and his hood is up, but that smirk is there, looking as though he's in on a secret that no one else knows.

Rhodes gets to the end of the ramp, and as his brother's music hits, Goldust comes out wearing a similar jacket to his brother but with a fur collar. The crowd explodes, seeing that the Rhodes boys have finally joined forces.

The match is solid. Primo and Epico move at their fast pace, and Cody and Goldy keep right up with them. During the match things begin to get a bit more violent. All four men are in the ring, and the referee tries to break up the fighting.

From the back come a couple more refs, and then two more superstars come running out as well. Ted DiBiase and Michael McGillicutty come running down to assist. DiBiase and McGillicutty grab Primo and Epico and pull them away as the referees stop Goldust and Cody.

The chaos seems to have stopped, and everyone has calmed down. But just as a calm has settled, DiBiase and McGillicutty begin beating down on the tag team champions. More referees come down and are able to give the Colon cousins a moment to slip out of the ring and escape.

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Cody and DiBiase get into a shouting match. The former tag team champs are getting in each other's faces, as Goldust and McGillicuty hold back each of them. 

Then Goldust makes them all pause. He runs out of the ring and grabs a duffle bag out from under the ring, then he returns and pulls out two more long coats and hands them to DiBiase and McGillicutty. They don the coats and smile.

All four men are standing with arms raised in the ring, and Cody grabs the microphone and introduces the WWE Universe to the new Legacy. He goes on to say they will be the strongest stable in WWE history, more powerful than the Hart Foundation, more controversial than DX and far better looking than the Four Horsemen. They say they will be going after the championships not for the money, but because they belong to the best.

At the end of the night, The Usos come out to the ring, and while they're not a new team, we are told that they, too, will be in the run for the championships.

They stand in the ring, awaiting their opponent, and the announcers ask where this new team is. Booker T gets up from the desk and says he's going to the ring to see what's going on here. He enters the ring and says he will introduce the team and then they'll come out.

He points to the entrance and his music hits again. Everyone looks around oddly, Cole and Matthews wondering why Booker's music is playing. From the back come Ezekiel Jackson and R-Truth; the sign across the jumbotron says "Harlem Heat." Booker is smiling as the two men enter the ring. 

Booker introduces the world to the new Harlem Heat. He will be the manager and coach for the new Harlem Heat, and they will be the new champions. Booker stays at ringside, as Jackson and Truth battle the Usos and defeat them using a combination of the Harlem Heat move set and their own stuff. Booker jumps in the ring and holds up the hands of Truth and Jackson as Smackdown goes off the air. 

This ends our second installment of the WWE: A Plan for the Tag Team Division to Be Reborn.

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