In Case You Missed It: Month One of Jaguars Advanced Stat of the Week

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 24, 2012

MoJo says, "Bring on the Advanced Stats!"
MoJo says, "Bring on the Advanced Stats!"Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Each week I cover an Advanced Stat of the Week.

If you've missed any of your team's weeks, now is great time to catch up. The series will take a brief hiatus for a couple of weeks until the draft is out of the way.

Here are the first five editions for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pythagorean Wins: This stat looks at points for and points against to determine a team's "true" record. Are the Jaguars who we thought they were?

Net Yards Per Attempt (NY/A): This stat figures sack yardage into a classic passing stat. Why were the Jaguars so terrible in this stat?

Catch Rate: This stat takes the percentage of catches made versus times a receiver was targeted. I look at rough years by Maurice Jones-Drew and Marcedes Lewis.

Success Rate: This stat looks at successful runs. I examine just how good MoJo is.

Passer Rating Differential (PRD): This stat looks at the difference between offensive and defensive passer rating. What happens if Blaine Gabbert becomes an average passer?