Houston Texans: Matt Schaub Still Healing, Vows to Be 100% by Training Camp

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistApril 16, 2012

The Texans needs Schaub to get healthy and get on a roll.
The Texans needs Schaub to get healthy and get on a roll.Bob Levey/Getty Images

Matt Schaub is still recovering from an injury that cost him his first postseason start, but it shouldn't cost him a preseason turn.

Schaub spoke on Monday about his recovery. He was asked about his foot and in transcripts shared with Bleacher Report by the Texans said:

“Great. We’re just moving forward. I had a procedure last week, getting hardware taken out, which is customary for this thing, so just let the incisions heal up and move forward.”

He's still rehabbing but says:

“I’m right on schedule because where the hardware removal takes place in this procedure is right where we are and so from here, we just move forward and just keep going. But we have a lot of time left to get ready and there’s no doubt I will be ready.”

He's still not completely recovered, but is healing up. He didn't fully speculate on when he would be 100 percent.

“I mean, sitting here on April 16, it’s hard for me to say when I will be. I mean, after the screws came out this past week, it’s hard for me to tell you a certain date or June or something like that. All I know is come time for training camp, I’m going to be 100 percent ready to go and that’s all that really matters, in my mind.

It's been a challenging off-season for the Texans who have lost a lot of players to salary cap considerations, but Schaub is upbeat.

“I think we’ve kept a lot of our weapons in place. I think we’ve shown over the years that we can be a pretty good offense and move the football, put some points on the board, and as long as we eliminate penalties and mistakes and turnovers, we’re hard to stop. We’re looking forward to continuing that trend this year.”

Losing teammates is never easy, but it hasn't stopped Schaub from looking forward to the coming season.

“It’s the harsh reality of this business when you lose some players, whether in free agency or trades, but it is part of the business. We have a spectacular core-nucleus of guys taking our back and looking forward to climbing the ladder and taking the next step. But we’re excited to be here and excited to get going with workouts and the offseason. It goes by pretty quick each year when we’re back out here but we’re excited and eager to get going.”