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  13. #Ravens' Matt Schaub has one million reasons to be thankful https://t.co/pl4NSVebZo

  14. #Ravens' Matt Schaub has one million reasons to be thankful https://t.co/pl4NSVebZo

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  19. Schaub on starting in place of Flacco: "I just have to go out there and do my job."

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  23. #Browns QB Josh McCown just crashed the #Ravens Matt Schaub conference call and asked how his prep was going for their MNF matchup.

  24. #Browns QB Josh McCown just ran into reporters in hallway on conference call with #Ravens QB Matt Schaub & played along by asking a question

  25. Elvis Dumervil, Matt Schaub, Brandon Williams and Marshal Yanda will take to the podium following practice around 3 p.m.. #Ravens

  26. So yes, your Ravens QBs are now Matt Schaub and Jimmy Clausen. Joe Flacco officially placed on IR to make room for Clausen #RavensTalk

  27. #Ravens announced they have claimed QB Jimmy Clausen off waivers. He will backup Matt Schaub Monday night vs. #Browns #RavensTalk

  28. Clausen, who played under Marc Trestman in Chicago, will back up Matt Schaub on Mon night in Cleveland.

  29. So mark your calendars: Josh McCown and the #Browns host Matt Schaub and the #Ravens on Monday Night Football. Must-see TV.

  30. Marlon Brown catches a 42-yarder from Matt Schaub. #RedskinsTalk

  31. Matt Schaub's night is over. He completes all his passes, going 7-for-7 for 88 yards. More importantly, he didn't complete one to Falcons.

  32. Bryn Renner in at QB for #Ravens. Matt Schaub's night likely over. #RavensTalk

  33. Matt Schaub went 7-for-7 for 88 yards, by the way.

  34. QB Bryn Renner has been released after a fantastic preseason showing. In Schaub We Trust? http://t.co/jhfqUIfopj

  35. Manning wanted to shake hands with Joe Flacco who left the field. Matt Schaub brought Flacco back out to shake hands with a waiting Manning

  36. #Ravens cut QB Bryn Renner from practice squad and signed OT Tony Hills. That means Ravens are practicing with two QBs (Flacco and Schaub)

  37. In less than two weeks, Gary Kubiak has turned Peyton Manning into Matt Schaub.

  38. Did Matt Schaub follow Kubiak to Denver? Pick-6 in 2nd straight game for Manning. Father Time winning #RavensTalk

  39. With another pick six, Peyton Manning is becoming the new Matt Schaub http://t.co/O9Fzy0WYub

  40. Captains for today's coin toss are Matt Schaub, Justin Forsett, Daryl Smith and Chris Canty.

  41. Meanwhile the #Ravens elected to have Matt Schaub as one of theirs today... https://t.co/wKitfTVSQb

  42. Ryan "Crazy Legs" Mallett sprints for the touchdown. Runs like Matt Schaub but, hey, he got there. 24-17 Panthers.

  43. After his second turnover of the game, Joe Flacco currently has less fantasy points (-1.80) than Matt Schaub (0.00)

  44. I blame Matt Schaub. 

  45. Watching Ryan Mallett play today makes me want to fire up some Matt Schaub highlights from '09 scored to Sarah McLachlan's discography.

  46. I think I saw Matt Schaub over there https://t.co/77Guoymkrs