WWE News: Matt Hardy Bashed by WWE in the 'Are You Serious' YouTube Series

Cory CoolsonCorrespondent IApril 15, 2012

On the WWE YouTube show, Are You Serious—a show that plays clips focused on botches and embarrassing career moments—they referenced a man who seemed like merely an unspeakable within the WWE Universe.

As they were showing a video of Matt Hardy falling off the ropes due to Justin Gabriel weighing them down, they decided to lay out a few comments that were shocking to hear:

"Ironically, this video is actually a metaphor for Matt Hardy's career."

"This is the funniest Matt Hardy video on the web—not involving grapes or a taser."

Remember that this isn't a wrestler tweeting, this is a video that WWE is producing on their own YouTube channel.

After Hardy posted his suspicious note on YouTube last year, reports came out that WWE stars were told to ignore Hardy.

And now, WWE is not only lenient on the cause, they're embracing it on their programming.

This seems a little mean-spirited of WWE to allow since Hardy seems to actually be doing well—considering he's not in the news aiming for attention.

Who knows? Maybe WWE is in negotiations with Hardy and this is the start of an angle. It definitely could happen—that 0.001 percent is still a chance.

Now, though it sounds like I'm displeased with the situation, I'm not going to be the one that rains on this parade. When I watched this, I was laughing hysterically.

I actually think these inside references could help their programming if done right. Fans love to hear inside references.

I'm honestly just surprised that WWE would allow this—I'm surprised they let the word "wrestling" in their product as much as its been there.

Hopefully their leniency doesn't lead to the mention of another unspeakable on WWE programming. Now that could really hurt them.

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